‘Joint training with ML Cy Young Young pitcher’ Won Tae-in, “It was a great experience, it was a frog in the well…”

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Samsung Lions right-hander Won Tae-in (23) expressed his determination before leaving for the campsite.

On the 30th, Won Tae-in departed for Okinawa, Japan, where the 2023 spring camp site is located through Incheon International Airport. Returning home the day before (29th) from personal training in the United States, he boarded the plane without time to adjust to the jet lag.

Won Tae-in, who met with reporters before departure, said, “I haven’t woken up yet. He couldn’t adjust to the jet lag. He has been going to and from the airport for two days,” he said.

In December of last year, Tae-in Won had individual training with KT Wiz pitchers Young-Pyo Ko and Joon So-Jun in Miami, Florida, USA. He diligently warmed up in a warm place and returned home the day before.

He departed from Daegu around 2 am and arrived at Incheon International Airport around 5 am that day. True to his word, he moved without time to adjust to jet lag. He said, “I came in the morning yesterday. He went straight to Daegu and packed up his belongings. He was in the US for almost four weeks,” he said.

He was tired but valuable time. “I felt a lot of things,” he said. Senior Choo Shin-soo said that if you go 5 minutes away, there is a player similar to me, and if you go 10 minutes further, there are about 45 more players. He has come to feel that he really is. ‘I was a frog in the well,’ he felt. He felt that he had to work harder,” he said.

Taein Won made a valuable connection while doing personal training in the United States. He worked out with Audrey Sameer Despaine, a foreign pitcher who played for KT Wiz, and met Sandy Alcantara (Miami Marlins) from the US Major League Cy Young. He also watched fastball pitcher Aroldis Chapman. 스포츠토토

Spending time in the United States, he got advice from some of the best pitchers in the big leagues. He said it was an invaluable experience. Because of this, he made his resolution for the new season even stronger.

Won Tae-in said, “I’m going to make some changes this year. He needs to increase his velocity and throw a little sharper. He tries to do a lot of training for that. He spent time with Youngpyo hyung and Hyeongjun by helping each other. I had nothing to do in America, so I only talked about baseball. It was helpful, such as giving each other feedback,” he said.

“It was a satisfying training,” he said. The weather was good, so I made my body comfortable without risk of injury. I felt a lot while training with Youngpyo-hyung and Hyungjun, and it was a great experience just watching from the side when training with major league players. It feels good. I look forward to it,” he looked back on the off-season.

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