Ju Min-gyu and Eom Won-sang in tears… Hyunkyu Oh and Minkyu Song laugh

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Joys and sorrows were mixed over the roster for the first A match of the Korean national soccer team under coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Among them, the player who is most regrettable is Joo Min-gyu (33), a striker for Ulsan Hyundai.

The Korean national soccer team will play two consecutive A-matches at the end of this month. On the 24th, they will face off against Colombia at the Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium, and against Uruguay at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th.위너 토토

This A match is the debut match of coach Klinsman, who took the new baton after former coach Paulo Bento. On the 13th, coach Klinsman announced a list of 26 players who will play in two consecutive matches in the A match.

Coach Klinsman, who arrived in Korea on the 8th, did not have much time to examine the skills of the players. At his inaugural press conference, he announced that the A-match roster would be made mainly of players who participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

If there is any change, it is that Yoon Jong-kyu (FC Seoul) and Hong Chul (Daegu FC) were removed and Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic) and Ki-je Lee (Suwon Samsung) were added. In particular, Oh Hyun-kyu did not make it to the official entry for the Qatar World Cup, but he was first called by coach Klinsman.

Joo Min-gyu, who seldom boarded the Bento, was not named this time either. Joo Min-gyu scored a goal in the 9th minute of the second half in the K-League 1 expedition against FC Seoul on the 12th, which coach Klinsman watched directly, but was not included in the list.

Joo Min-gyu is evaluated as the top goal scorer in the K-League 1. In the 2021 season K League 1, he scored 22 goals and won the top scorer. Last season, Jeonbuk Hyundai Cho Kyu-seong (17 goals) lost the top scorer due to the record of appearances, but they both scored 17 goals.

However, he never got on the A team. Former coach Bento also appointed Hwang Eui-jo (FC Seoul) and Cho Kyu-seong as strikers at the forefront. During the period when Hwang Eui-jo was injured, he chose Kim Geon-hee (Sapporo) rather than Joo Min-gyu. Joo Min-gyu has never worn a national team uniform for the past four years.

Right winger Eom Won-sang (24) is also regrettable. Eom Won-sang was expected to be in the final entry last year, but he was eventually eliminated. Um Won-sang played in 5 A-matches last year and seemed to be trusted by coach Bento, but at the end he had to swallow his regret.

Um Won-sang was called to the under-24 (U-24) national team preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games instead of the A national team. Cho Young (Chief Kim Cheon), who is serving in the military, and Oh Se-hoon (24, Shimizu S-Pulse), who is playing in Japan, also postponed their opportunity for the A national team and boarded the U-24 national team.

On the other hand, Jeonbuk Song Min-gyu (24) joined the first Klinsman after the World Cup in Qatar. Song Min-kyu, who scored a goal in a friendly match against Iceland right before the World Cup final entry was announced, was also named in the World Cup final entry. Although he was unable to play in the Qatar tournament, he received a love call from the head coach this time as well.

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