Kang Yoo-rim, who has confidence in the 3-point shot, takes on the role of Samsung Life’s ace

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Women’s Professional Basketball (WKBL) Yongin Samsung Life Insurance forward Kang Yu-rim (26, 1m75cm) is growing into an ace. It was only after she gained confidence in her 3-point shot that she could boldly attempt it in a tight battle.

Kang Yoo-rim played 40 minutes full-time in the 2022-23 season regular league round 5 home game against Busan BNK at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 8th, scoring 16 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Thanks to Kang Yoo-rim’s performance, Samsung Life Insurance won 78-73 and won three consecutive victories. Samsung Life, who became 14-10, pulled down BNK (13-10) and took second place. It occupied an advantageous position in the battle for second place.

Kang Yoo-rim shone in every battle. He threw 8 3-point shots in the game that day and succeeded in 4, but he put in 2 only in the 4th quarter when the game was close. In a situation where the game was about 5 points or less, Samsung Life Insurance seized the victory with Kang Yoo-rim’s outer catcher. Kang Yoo-rim said, “I made a commitment to shoot myself (daringly) when I had a chance to score even though I used a lot of attack time. He said that the cool throw was effective.”

Kang Yoo-rim’s shooting sense is returning. He made 8 of 26 3-pointers in 4 games in the 5th round. The success rate is 30.8%, which is not significantly higher than other players, but it is evaluated that he has regained his appearance like Kang Yoo-rim. Kang Yoo-rim recorded a 3-point shot success rate of 46.3% (32 successes / 69 attempts) in the 1st to 3rd rounds. In the 4th round, he was only 21.1% (4 successful / 19 attempts).

It is the result of making up for a weakness. When Yu-Rim Kang, who has a good outer cannon, catches the ball, the opposing marksman defends closely. At this time, Kang Yoo-rim was pointed out that he was hesitant to shoot. Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae also pointed out, “Anyway, the opponent doesn’t give a chance easily.” In the game on the 8th, BNK Kim Si-on persistently harassed Kang Yoo-rim in the 4th quarter. Kang Yoo-rim overcame himself. He increased his catching and shooting speed. It broke the defensive timing.

Kang Yu-rim’s confidence in his 3-point shot has increased this season. Last season, his 3-point shot success rate was only 24.8% (31 attempts / 125 attempts), but this season it is 38.6% (44 attempts / 114 attempts). He is making 1.83 3-pointers per game. As of the 9th, it ranks 3rd in 3-point shooting success rate and 4th in average number of shots. Volunteering for off-season early morning training, the effect of shooting 500 shots a day is showing. 카지노

It is evaluated that his skills were in full bloom this season. Kang Yoo-rim said, “Personally, there are times when the shooting condition is not good. It is my goal this season to play with confidence without dwelling on this,” he said. “Actually, it seems physically difficult in the second half. When I’m resting, I’m resting properly. It is true that it is difficult during the game, but there is no time to think about the difficult things. You have to keep running. I am running with my mental strength,” he laughed.

Kang Yoo-rim plays the role of the ace of Samsung Life Insurance. Kiana Smith is out for the season with a knee injury. Heyyun Bae, a veteran big man, is also struggling to recover from frequent injuries. This is why the performance of Lee Hae-ran and Kang Yu-rim, who is active as a one-two punch, has become important. Kang Yoo-rim said, “First of all, the goal is to keep second place. There are many of his juniors. I always encourage them during matches so that they don’t lose their spirits.”

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