Kia, NC’s seemingly unstoppable advance → Lotte, Hanwha, Samsung’s collective failure…’Once No. 1′ SSG’s 5th place finish, Doosan’s last hope, and wider gap between top and bottom

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There’s a reason why it’s hard for the bottom teams to make the jump to the top five late in the season.

There are a lot of variables to control. It’s not just a matter of your own team doing well and catching a fifth-place team.

It’s not just a matter of your team doing well and catching that one team in fifth place.

The worst thing that can happen is that your targeted 5th place team moves up.

This is because the third- and fourth-place teams, who had a bigger game lead in the first place, will drop to fifth. The distance to fifth place becomes even greater.

This is exactly what is happening now.

NC and KIA, who were battling for fourth and fifth place, went 8-2 in their last 10 games together and moved to the margins of third and fourth place.

On the other hand, SSG, an absolute powerhouse that was tied for first and second place with LG for the first half of the season, has slipped to fifth place after a recent slump.

Lotte, Hanwha, Samsung, and other lower-ranked teams dreamed of a miraculous top-five finish at the end of the season.

SSG was one of the teams they didn’t even think about catching in the first place. The team that was still in the lead until June 25th.

On June 25, just before the turn of the season, SSG was nine games behind fourth-place Lotte, 14 games behind ninth-place Hanwha, and 16 games behind 10th-place Samsung.

The gap has narrowed a bit since then, but it’s still a long way. With the team dropping to fifth place and becoming a target, the bottom teams will have to end their last fall dreams rather early.

As of the 11th, fifth-place SSG is eight games behind seventh-place Lotte, nine games behind Hanwha, and 13 games behind Samsung.

That’s a little less than the lead SSG had on June 25, when they were in first place, but it’s still nearly impossible to catch.토토사이트

The Doosan Bears, who trail fifth-place SSG by three games, are the only team in the bottom five with fall baseball hopes.

KT’s July and August surge after being in last place in the first half of the season and NC KIA’s recent surge in pitching have created a huge river that is impossible to cross between the teams above and below.

The three teams have 23-25 games left in the season. It’s time for the unwelcome label of “chili powder” to be applied to Samsung, Hanwha, and Lotte after the last-place Kiwoom.

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