Kim Min-jae, going to Manchester United after receiving ‘three times the annual salary’… Naples president ‘begging’ failed

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Kim Min-jae (SSC Napoli) was inclined to transfer after receiving an offer that was difficult to refuse.

Italy’s influential newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Kim Min-jae has already decided to leave the team despite Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentis’ persuasion.”

Kim Min-jae is currently one of the best defenders in Europe. Kim Min-jae, who moved to the Italian stage last summer, showed strong defense in every game and played a significant role in helping Napoli become Serie A champions in the 2022/23 season.

As Kim Min-jae became the best defender in Serie A, European big clubs that want to strengthen defense, including Manchester United, are already preparing to bring Kim Min-jae.

The media said, “Man United is ready to pay a buyout of 60 million euros (approximately 87.1 billion won) included in the contract to bring Kim Min-jae from Napoli.” The buyout is valid from July 1 to 15. “he said.

When Napoli recruited Kim Min-jae last summer, he paid 18 million euros (approximately 26.1 billion won) as a transfer fee to the Turkish club Fenerbahce SK. 

Napoli desperately tried to persuade Kim Min-jae to continue their relationship despite the fact that he could earn a huge profit from the transfer fee in just one year, but he is having trouble moving his mind.

The media said, “Napoli has persuaded Kim Min-jae to remove the buyout clause from his contract, but so far it has not been successful.”

“Thus, Kim Min-jae already wants to start another adventure, and suspicions have been raised that he is being tempted by a Manchester United offer that guarantees more than 6 million euros (about 8.7 billion won) in annual salary,” he added.

It is said that the annual salary Kim Min-jae is currently receiving at Naples is known to be 2 million euros (approximately 2.9 billion won), so he is shaken by the Manchester United offer, which offers more than three times the current annual salary.토토사이트

Unlike Man Utd, which has an extraordinary financial scale because its sales are among the top football clubs in the world, it is not easy to deliver a proposal of the same size as Man Utd to Min-jae Kim for Naples, which is not financially rich.

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-jae will head to Manchester United, where he threw an attractive offer, or whether he will continue his Napoli career by signing a new contract.

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