“Kim Min-jae is gradually becoming a monster”… Italian DF ranking, ‘overwhelming 1st’

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 While Min-jae Kim has established himself as the number one defender in the 1st to 24th rounds of Italian Serie A selected by Italy’s Tuto Mercatoweb, the media praised him, saying, “It is becoming more and more a monster.”

‘Tuto Mercatoweb’ announces the ratings of players for each round of Serie A in the 2022/23 season. As the 24th round ended with the AS Roma-Cremonese match on the 1st, the media updated the average rating per game for players, but Kim Min-jae widened the gap with the second place group and appeared to be solo.

Kim Min-jae contributed to the team’s 2-0 scoreless victory by playing full-time for 90 minutes in the Empoli expedition on the 26th of last month. During the game, he participated in the attack at the set piece and hit the opponent’s crossbar with his shoulder, making his 3rd goal of the season unfortunately cancelled, making a big success in the offense and defense.

‘Tuto Mercatoweb’ announced the rating of Serie A defenders that reflected the performance of the 24th round, and announced that Min-jae Kim was leading with 6.46 points.

In particular, the media praised him for saying, “Kim Min-jae is becoming more and more a monster” and that “he has further solidified his status as the best defender in Serie A.”

Following Kim Min-jae, Federico Basquilotto (6.35 points), who plays for Lecce, Kim Min-jae’s teammate Mario Hui (6.34 points), Pasquale Mozochi (6.31 points), who plays for Salernitana, and AS Roma defender Chris Smalling (6.29 points). dot) followed by 토토사이트

While the gap between 2nd and 5th is 0.05 points, the difference between Kim Min-jae and 2nd place Basquirot is 0.11 points, so it seems that the ranking of Serie A defenders is solidifying with Kim Min-jae’s solo run.

Napoli invites Lazio, who is running 4th from home at 4:45 am on the 4th. Kim Min-jae is also scheduled to start.

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