‘Kim Seon-hyung, Warney 72 points collaboration’ SK wins Samsung after a close match… S-Derby 4 consecutive wins

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It was a famous match. SK won after overtime. 

Seoul SK won 115-113 after a close battle with Daryl Willis and Jang Min-guk in the 2022-23 SKT A. Pro Basketball at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th, thanks to Jamil Warney and Kim Sun-hyung’s performance.

As a result of the day, SK maintained a tie for 3rd place (Ulsan Hyundai Mobis) with 25 wins and 17 losses, while Samsung suffered 29 losses (12 wins) and remained in 10th place.

1st Quarter, Samsung 27-24 SK: Efficient offensive showdown, 51 points exploded in the 10th minute

Samsung started Lee Ho-hyun, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Dong-yeop, Kim Seung-won and Darral Willis, and SK started Kim Seon-hyung, Oh Jae-hyun, Heo Il-young, Choi Boo-kyung and Jamil Warney. He was named in the starting lineup.

Samsung had a slight lead in the early stages. It was the result of a series of goals scored by Willas’ active movement. Lee Dong-yeop and Lee Ho-hyun also played supporting roles. By the time the 3rd minute was over, they had a two-point lead, 11-9. SK did not miss the pursuit flow. The lead role was Jameel Warney. He continued to catch up, scoring goals with breakthroughs under the goal and floaters.

After 4 minutes, the attacks of both teams slowed down for a while, and SK took a turnaround 12-11 with Kim Seon-hyung’s quick break with 4 minutes left. The Samsung attack has stopped. It was difficult to add points as the shooting went out of the rim.

Entering the final half, both teams exchanged points while converting set offenses into points. With Lee Jung-hyun’s 3-point shot and Moss’ 3-point play, Samsung led 19-18. The skirmish continued. Efficiency was given to the attack, and it was not difficult to dismantle each other’s defense. Samsung leads by 7 points.

2nd Quarter, Samsung 56-47 SK: Efficient attack distribution, 56 points Exploded Samsung

Samsung ran away. After blocking the run with successful defense, Jang Min-guk and Moss scored consecutively to lead 32-24, 8 points. SK quickly took the operation time. Kim Seon-hyung created a chase flow with a circus layup and 3 points.

Samsung wasn’t watching. Lee Ho-hyun’s 3-point shot and Willis break through in the flow of the ball full of efficiency, and he did not lose the lead to 36-29. After 3 minutes, Heo Il-young hit a 3-point shot. It was the moment when SK was chasing by 4 points, and Samsung took the operation time.

With Shin Dong-hyuk scoring, Samsung stepped on the 40-point high and led by 8 points. SK responded immediately. With the success of Williams breaking through, it was reduced to 34-40.

Afterwards, Samsung maintained the lead with Jang Min-guk scoring, and SK responded with Kim Seon-hyeong scoring and continued the chase. Samsung took the operation time with about 4 minutes left. SK took a step closer, and Samsung immediately responded with Kim Si-rae 3 points. It was the moment when Samsung continued to maintain its lead by 6 points.

Entering the final stage, Samsung took a step further. After two successful defenses, Willis took a 52-43, 9-point lead with 3 points. With about a minute left before the end, SK took the operation time. Samsung did not lose its advantage. Right before the end, Kim Seung-won added a free throw to lead by 9 points. SK allowed a lot of goals throughout the 10 minutes due to lack of defense.  

3rd quarter, Samsung 79-77 SK: Ultra-long 3-point shot Shin Dong-hyeok, Samsung maintaining the lead Samsung

reached the 60-point mark with Kim Si-rae’s 4-point play. After that, the two teams exchanged quick attacks, and Samsung led 62-51, 11 points with Lee Ho-hyeon’s quick attack.

After that, the two teams continued to trade points. Scores were exchanged with high attack completion and concentration, and after 4 minutes, SK reduced the score to 61-69, 7 points with Warney and Choi Bu-kyung consecutive scores. SK took a step closer, and Samsung took the operation time to change the atmosphere.

SK eventually made a one-possession game. Samsung allowed a 69-67, 2-point chase as the attack continued to fail.

With two minutes left in the game, Samsung took a breather with Shin Dong-hyuk’s double clutch, and then saved the score with a Moss footback. SK did not miss the pursuit flow by adding points with a two-man game, and succeeded in tying the score with a wonny jumper that exploded 1 minute and 15 seconds before the end.

Shin Dong-hyeok’s 3 points, thrown by Samsung without crossing the center line, were converted into points and led 79-77. It was an ultra-long shot of over 17m. It was a buzzer beater.

4th Quarter, SK 101-99 Samsung: Fierce game, Ace’s presence 

SK beat out. Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney joined the scoring, and blocked the run, leading 83-79. When the two minutes passed, Samsung took the operation time. Warney scored 3 points. SK took one more step.

After that, Samsung caught up with Willis with a shot under the goal and succeeded in defending twice, changing the flow. When 4 minutes passed, Kim Si-rae hit a 3-point shot. The score difference was reduced to 2 points. SK took the operation time. I had to settle the messy atmosphere.

Samsung succeeded in reversing the gear nose. After 5 minutes, Lee Jung-hyun completed a quick break and gave the team an 88-87, one-point lead. SK didn’t even look at it. Warney drilled through the bottom of the goal.

The thin ice game continued. The score was tied and reversed, and SK took a 3-point lead with Choi Seong-won’s 3-point shot with 2 minutes left in the game. Samsung’s attack failed, and SK took a 5-point lead with Kim Seon-hyeong’s free throw. Samsung used the last operation time a little early. It was a place of victory.

It was successful. Jang Min-guk’s jumper added to Lee Jung-hyun’s 3-point shot narrowed the score to 96-97, one point. SK took the operation time 1 minute and 18 seconds before the end. A strategy was needed to achieve victory. 

The SK attack failed, and 37 seconds before the end, Jang Min-guk’s 3-point shot broke the rim. 99-97, Samsung was ahead by 2 points. SK took the operation time. Kim Seon-hyung quickly succeeded in a layup.  온라인바카라

With 30 seconds remaining, Samsung launched an attack, and the attack failed with 15 seconds remaining. Now, SK counterattack remains. 3 seconds before the end, Seonhyung Kim made a free throw. succeeded in both.

Samsung got a U-foul with 1.4 seconds left. The result is free throws and right of attack. Kim Si-rae stood at the free throw line. Both have split rims. The match went into overtime. Overtime, SK 115-113 Samsung: Warney Final Free Throw, SK both teams

succeeded in winning 4 straight S-Derbys and continued to trade points.

It was three minutes when the strong will to win was converted into goals. At the end of the 3rd minute, SK had a lead of only 1 point, 107-106. It was a moment in which an unknown match continued. 

With 1 minute and 46 seconds left in the game, Warney made a free throw. 2 points ahead. In Samsung, Willis, who was struggling, withdrew from the game with 5 fouls. It was a crisis for Samsung. I had to play the game without foreigners. 

Cha Min-seok made all of his free throws to tie the game. SK took a 3-point lead with Warney completing a 3-point play. Samsung wasn’t watching. Kim Si-rae tied the score with a 3-point shot. Afterwards, both teams traded goals again. 

With one minute remaining, SK took the operation time to complete the final attack. Warney made all the free throws 1.8 seconds before the end. Samsung’s last attack failed.

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