Kiwoom Kim Gun-hee’s resolution “like a rookie, with ambition”

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“I think it will be a meaningful memory.”

Rookie Kim Geon-hee (19, Kiwoom Heroes) revealed her overwhelming heart.

Kim Kun-hee pulled out a reverse final stroke against the KIA Tigers in the 2023 Shinhan Bank Sol KBO League demonstration game held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 16th.

In the 8th inning, when the team was losing 1-2, with 2 outs and bases loaded, Kim Geon-hee, who entered the at-bat, scored a heavy hit on opponent Kim Dae-yu and called in two people.

This is the first hit Kim Gun-hee hit in an exhibition game.토토사이트

Kiwoom, who overturned the charter with Kim Gun-hee’s two RBIs and timely hits, defeated KIA 3-2 and reported the first win (3 losses) in the demonstration game.

Kim Gun-hee, who we met after the game, said, “As soon as I hit it, I thought, ‘It’s done.’

2023 Rookie Draft 1st round 6th overall Kim Geon-hee is a player with many talents.

Kiwoom also made Kim Kun-hee prepare both pitcher and hitter throughout the winter to save this.

However, his pitching debut was not easy.

He pitched in relief against KT Wiz on the 14th and collapsed with 1 hit, 2 walks and 4 runs in ⅓ innings.

Kim Gun-hee, who recalled two days ago, confessed, “He knew the bitter taste of being a pro. He seemed to feel a lot of walls.”

That’s why the hits he hit that day are more valuable.

Kim Gun-hee said, “The pitcher and the batter are different parts. I thought, ‘Let’s have more confidence in the batter part, don’t be discouraged, and show a spirit like a rookie.’ I think it will help me a lot to grow,” he laughed.

After Kim Gun-hee’s first appearance, coach Hong Won-ki Kiwoom decided to further increase the possibility of ‘batter Kim Gun-hee’.

However, Kim Gun-hee is not giving up on being a pitcher yet.

Kim Gun-hee said firmly, “I’m not yet quitting one side. I think I’ll work hard and do well with what I’ve been given.”

On this day, watching the pitching of his friend Yoon Young-cheol (KIA), who was on the starting mound for his opponent, he reaffirmed his will.

Kim Gun-hee, who was excluded from the starting lineup, watched Yoon Young-cheol’s strong pitching with 2 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and no runs in 4 innings from the bench.

Regarding the pitch of ‘Friend’, Kim Gun-hee said, “I thought it would be nice to throw well, but I also wanted to go out and hit it. I think I was jealous, not jealous.” “he said.

If I get a chance to pitch again, I just want to show a different side of me than I did the first time.

“I want to throw my ball with confidence,” said Kim Gun-hee, “I couldn’t throw it like that in my previous appearances.

Kim Geon-hee, who has just taken her first steps in the professional league, is determined to fight with ambition.

Kim Gun-hee expressed his determination, saying, “I’m a rookie, but when I go to the ground, I have to play my own. I will do it with the thought that I will do it without being discouraged.”

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