Korean Air’s 0-point serve for the first time in 357 days, KB made it

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KB Insurance took victory by enduring Korean Air’s serve.

A strong serve is a trademark representing Korean Air. Korean Air shakes the opponent’s receive with a strong and sharp serve and intercepts it with solid blocking.

Korean Air has a lot of serve scores as well. As proof of this, Korean Air is leading the league in the sub division with 1.61 serve points per set.

However, KB Insurance endured it. In the match between KB Insurance and Korean Air in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 V-League Dodram held at the Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium on the 24th, Korean Air did not score a serve.

Rather than Korean Air failing, KB Insurance survived. The receive line of KB Insurance, which is supported by Jeong Min-soo, Han Seong-jeong, and Hwang Kyung-min, showed a solid appearance.

Kyung-Min Hwang 21, Seong-Jung Han 17, and Min-Soo Jung 10. The number of times three players received a receive. Three players were in charge of receiving except for one of the 49 receives recorded by KB Insurance on this day.

KB Insurance’s receive line withstood the strong Korean Air’s serve with its whole body and somehow managed to get the ball up. In particular, Libero Jung Min-soo showed an amazing record of 80% receiving efficiency.

The stable receiving of the three players made Hwang Taek’s setter comfortable and allowed Hwang Taek-eui to send the toss he wanted. In the end, the match was a 3-0 (25-18, 26-24, 25-19) victory for KB Insurance. It is no exaggeration to say that a good receive brought victory.

Korean Air failed to break through KB Insurance’s receive line and only scored ‘0’ on the serve. This is the first game in which Korean Air did not record a serve score this season, and it is a record that came out in about a year after the 5th round with Woori Card last year (February 1, 2022).

KB Insurance post-recognition director also expressed satisfaction with stable receiving. “The receiving was better than the opponent. So I was able to make the toss that Hwang Taek-eui thought of, and it made it easier for the strikers to attack.” 헤라카지노도메인

It is KB Insurance that reminds me of the saying, ‘All attacks begin with receiving’. KB Insurance, which won against Korean Air, recorded three consecutive victories in the first round after a long time.

With the victory on this day, KB Insurance maintained 6th place with 8 wins and 15 losses and 24 points. There is a long way to go towards spring volleyball, but KB Insurance will not give up until the end. Coach Hu In-jeong also said, “It would be nice to win the players, but I told them to try to win one set at a time. Then there will be good results.”

It will be a matter of interest to see how happy KB Insurance will make fans for the rest of the season, which has succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by recording a streak after a long time.

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