KT Women’s Hockey Team, Donghae field training successfully completed… “I’m going to fit in”

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The KT Women’s Hockey Team successfully completed the 13 nights and 14 days of winter training at the Donghae Wellbeing Sports Center from February 19th.

The KT Hockey Team, which achieved the highest level of achievement last year, including winning the 1st Korea League regular league and championship match, is striving to keep its throne this year as well. 안전놀이터

The hockey team strengthens teamwork and enhances the sense of practice through field training during the off-season every year.

Meanwhile, in this field training, the KT hockey team held a total of six evaluation matches against Mokpo City Hall, Korea National Sport University, and the women’s national hockey team, and recorded 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

Coach Lim Sang-sook, who completed the off-season training, said, “This off-campus training focused on learning team tactics and harmonizing with new players through evaluation matches against university teams and unemployment teams at a time when the team was rebuilding, such as the transfer of key players. I will build up the structure of the team without any major injuries before the start of the tournament .

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