Leaders of Eunpyeong BC, “Look at the unique strengths of the baseball club.”

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“The baseball club (BC) has a different charm from the school baseball team. I hope you know this.”

On the 24th, the Eunpyeong BC team practiced on their own after a break during the Lunar New Year holidays. This was to prevent the body from stiffening up after taking a long break. Accordingly, all the coaches went to work in the afternoon to check the physical condition of the players. Including President Ahn Gye-jang, Eunpyeong BC high school head coach Song Gu-hong, and middle school head coach Lee Woo-chang all gathered in one place.

They all expressed regret, saying, “There are not a few people who want to come here after hearing our guiding philosophy. However, there are many parents who do not know much about the baseball club yet and are not sure, so there are not many cases where they make a firm decision.” . In particular, it is regrettable that sitting as a bench in another school has a bad influence on yourself or the school.

Of course, no matter which school you go to, you are not greedy for the skills of players who can play as a starting player. However, it is regrettable that players who can play even as a pinch hitter cannot do anything as they are. So, the more these players are, the more they need to make decisions quickly. In particular, coach Lee Woo-chang of the middle school said, “I hope you will give up your prejudices about baseball clubs and listen to a detailed explanation before making a decision. There are many promising players who once gave up on baseball but came here and found confidence.” emphasized that there is 안전놀이터

The characteristic of the baseball club is that ‘you can go to school, and you can play an active part in the club only when you learn baseball’. In other words, even if you belong to a school that already has a baseball club, you can participate in the competition by changing your affiliation to a ‘baseball club’ while going to school to study. Also, for career issues, leaders can provide a little more focused and specific direction.

Of course, there are a few things to be sure of. “Being part of a school’s baseball team also has its advantages, and this should be acknowledged by anyone who runs a baseball club.” So, if you are a player who has not yet settled down or is skeptical about the baseball you are currently playing, there is a way to use club baseball like this.

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