Lee Hae-in, the first publisher of Sukyung, “I want to become a skater who brings happiness to the viewers”

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Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School), a Korean figure skater’s single female figure skater, is feeling a change in her popularity.

Lee Hae-in recently said in an interview to mark the 18th anniversary of the founding of Sports Trend, “I went to see a movie, and some people said, ‘Aren’t you Lee Hae-in?’

And that’s not all. She went to see the cherry blossoms at Seokchon Lake and some fans recognized her and she was even asked to ‘take pictures’. “It’s amazing how she recognizes her,” she said.

Lee Hae-in’s name became widely known without him noticing it. Through his last season, he imprinted his name in the world figure skating world, and the number of domestic fans has also increased significantly.

The 2022-2023 season was an unforgettable season in Lee Hae-in’s figure skating career. At the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Four Continents Championships held in mid-February, Lee Hae-in won a gold medal for the first time in 14 years since Kim Yu-na. At the World Championships held at the end of March, she also won a silver medal, reaching the podium for the first time in 10 years since Kim Yu-na in 2013 (then women’s singles gold medal). At the Team Trophy, a national figure skating competition held in mid-April, he joined forces with other players to lead the runner-up. In this competition, Lee Hae-in took first place overall in the women’s singles. Lee Hae-in’s name is now firmly established among many figure skating prospects after Kim Yu-na.

Lee Hae-in, who entered Korea on the 17th of last month, took a day off on the 18th and went straight to the Taereung Athletes’ Village to skate. He said, “It’s good to take a break, but it’s so hard when I go back to skating, and I just wanted to skate.”

After starting figure skating as a hobby in the second grade of elementary school, Lee Hae-in decided to walk the path of an athlete in earnest. At first, he liked the feeling of moving a little faster than walking, so he entrusted himself to the blades of his skates. Now he enjoys skating itself.

Lee Hae-in, who was born in 2005 like Sports Trend, is about to turn 20 soon. Lee Hae-in, who complained cutely, saying, “I’m old now,” recalled his junior days and said, “I’ve improved a lot since then. I am so happy that there seems to be a tremendous improvement mentally. He seems to have become a person with a healthy mentality that doesn’t tie me down too much,” he said with satisfaction.

In fact, Lee Hae-in went through many trials before achieving this result last season.

The pain of not being able to go to the Olympic stage was great because he was eliminated from the qualifying round for the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics, which was his biggest goal. Even at the beginning of last season, his skills did not come out properly. In the Challenger Series held in early October of last year, he landed a bronze medal three times. He competed twice in the ISU Grand Prix series, but finished 4th in both and failed to advance to the medal table.

Lee Hae-in said, “In the Challenger competition, ‘It can be done. I thought, ‘It’s the first tournament, so I just have to make it’, but he didn’t do well in the second one either. In the third competition he got the flu. He jumped rope once and blew his nose, so he couldn’t compete.”

During the Grand Prix, she burst into tears. Lee Hae-in said, “Before the last Grand Prix competition, I changed the composition of the jumps and changed the steps because I wanted to do well. But after I made a ridiculous mistake, I came into the hotel and cried a lot,” he recalled at the time.

As the sluggishness continued to overlap, I was unable to maintain a positive mentality. Question marks such as ‘It won’t change anymore’ and ‘Can I go up again’ popped up in my head.

However, Lee Hae-in said, “I don’t want to regret it, so let’s work hard to avoid that.”

Thanks to this, Lee Hae-in was able to finish the season in a good mood while riding the upward trend at the end of the season. He treasured every process he overcame on his own. Lee Hae-in said, “I wonder if this result did not come out thanks to not giving up. If I let go after the Grand Prix, I would have regretted it. I thought it was ‘lucky’ rather than ‘happiness’, and I’m happy to love myself.”

Lee Hae-in always tries to feel gratitude for life. There is also the influence of his parents. He said, “My father always said, ‘Feel grateful for life and have fun.'”

For that reason, Lee Hae-in lives by finding small happiness in the daily routine. Lee Hae-in, who enjoys listening to idol songs just like his peers, often boosts his confidence by listening to songs from girl groups his age, such as New Jeans and Ive. Lee Hae-in said, “Isn’t it exciting to listen to K-pop songs?” His eyes twinkled. Figure skaters do their own makeup when participating in competitions. Lee Hae-in said shyly, “I think ‘Glitter is pretty, I need to refer to it’ while watching idol performances.”

I also read whenever I have free time. He enjoys reading the book ‘Winnie the Pooh, happy things happen every day’. This is because it matches the values ​​of Lee Hae-in, who searches for happiness every day. He said, “I think how he can live happily.”

Lee Hae-in, who fell in love with actor Kim Bum while watching the drama “Tale of a Nine Tailed Fox” aired in 2020, said, “In fact, my injuries didn’t heal that year and it was a bit difficult. So even if it was the worst year, it wouldn’t be wrong, but I saw actor Kim Bum in a drama. While looking up some videos, he also worked hard and lived like that, so I thought I shouldn’t lose hope,” he said in a more excited voice.

He said he wanted to share his small joys with others on his silver plate. He said, “As soon as I finished the Four Continents Championships, I thought, ‘Mom will like it. His mother is usually calm, but when she returned home, she saw her happy for the first time. It was the first time I saw him so happy, so I was really happy too.”토토사이트

There are many places where Lee Hae-in will show happy skating in the future. After a brief break, Lee Hae-in starts preparing for the next season. He has to come up with a new choreography and starts training. He plans to tackle the three-turn jump mounting challenge as well.

Lee Hae-in said, “I have never clearly stated my goal.” At least this time, I want to confidently win medals in both (scheduled competitions) and participate in the finals. I want to go to the Four Continents World Championships and show you how to ride happily.”

The 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics are also being aimed at. Lee Hae-in smiled happily, saying, “If I compete in the Olympics, I will make myself look happier than anyone else.”

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