Lee Yoo-seok, a long-haired rookie, “I have to put my soul into every shot like a pitcher”

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“I like closers who win in baseball. Like a closer, I will become a player who puts his soul into each shot to reach his goal.”

A bold newcomer with a height of 188 cm and long hair showing off her model force has appeared. Rookie Lee Yu-seok (23, Woosung Construction), making his debut on the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) tour this season, is taking a powerful first step towards his grand dream of becoming world number one.

Lee Yoo-seok, who is leaving for field training in Palm Springs, California, USA on the 26th, said in a recent interview with Seoul Economic Daily, “First of all, my goal is to survive on the KPGA tour.” I will think more,” he said, expressing his feelings on the first season.

Lee Yu-seok enjoyed the joy of his first professional win at the 7th KPGA 2nd Srixon Tour in May last year. He succeeded in winning consecutive championships in the following 8 tournaments, and was ranked 3rd in the Srixon Points Ranking (44809.98 points) based on the performance of each annual tournament, and secured the right to participate in the KPGA regular tour, which is given to the top 10 players.

Lee Yu-seok said, “From the 7th tournament onwards, I solved my worries about technical problems. A lot of psychological training to maintain composure also had an effect,” he said. “With the help of mental coach Lee Jong-cheol, I did mind control such as not looking at the leaderboard or paying attention to my companions during the game, but it seems that the efforts paid off. I looked back.

Lee Yu-seok is a long hitter who can hit a driver shot over 300 yards if he decides to swing. However, he always struggled with accuracy and made efforts to improve his technique to adapt to the KPGA tour. Lee Yoo-seok said, “My father always called me ‘a player like Park Chan-ho. My father cheered me on, saying, ‘I can do it because I have potential,’” he said, expressing his gratitude for his father. 카지노사이트

Yoo-seok Lee, who said that he dreamed of becoming a baseball player in his childhood due to the influence of his father, who was a baseball player until college, said with a smile, confidently saying, “I am a professional baseball Lotte Giants fan.” It is said that his unique hairstyle also followed Lotte finishing pitcher Kim Won-joong (30). Lee Yoo-seok said, “Player Won-jung Kim looked energetic when he climbed the mound with his long hair flowing,” and “I want to become a player who has a good influence like Kim.” He then added, “I want to become a more famous player and throw the first pitch at Lotte’s home stadium, Sajik Stadium in Busan.”

In his debut season, Lee Yu-seok’s goal is to reach the top 10 in the prize money rankings. He said, “The level of the KPGA tour is quite high, and there are many talented senior pros, but I’m trying to challenge myself by setting a high goal of being in the top 10.” “After confirming my competitiveness on the KPGA tour, it is my dream to compete on the PGA tour,” he said.

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