LG failed trade ‘sick finger’ opportunity to restore honor

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LG didn’t benefit much from the recent trade.

Ambitious attempts were made to fill the vacancy, but the results were not good one after another. There are success stories of calm trades, but so-called ‘big deals’ trades have more failures.

Second baseman Seo Geon-chang and left-handed pitcher Ham Deok-joo are representative examples.

Seo Geon-chang is a resource that was brought in after giving away Jeong Chan-heon, a selection agent.

Although Jeong Chan-heon did not achieve great success in Kiwoom, considering that he had difficulties due to a lack of starting agents, it is a trade that makes me think of a good deal.

After transferring to LG, Seo Geon-chang struggled with a batting average in the low 20% range for two consecutive years and lost his spot as the starting second baseman.

Ham Deok-joo was hampered by an injury.

He underwent surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow, and even after that, he could not go on the mound due to gout and pain.

Yang Seok-hwan, who replaced Ham Deok-joo, became Doosan’s built-in giant first baseman and became a more sore finger.

However, things may be a little different this year. I was in a state where I could aim for a comeback, and good opportunities came my way.

The chance has come to change the word ‘failure’ that has been following me like a tag for the past two years to ‘success’.

For Seo Geon-chang, reunion with director Yeom Kyung-yeop could be an opportunity for a reversal.

Coach Yeom was the Nexen (now Kiwoom) command tower during the 2014 season when Seo Kun-chang hit 200 hits. It is Director Yeom who does more batting research than anyone else.

He is a leader who observed and studied how Seo Geon-chang was able to set a new record of 200 hits more closely than anyone else.

Director Yeom is convinced of the resurrection of Seo Geon-chang. Director Yeom said, “I plan to study again how the opponent’s ball composition and strategy were during the 200-hit era, and lead them to be more faithful to the basics than changing their batting form. Five months will be able to change Seo Geonchang,” he said. 안전놀이터

Ham Deok-joo brushed off the pain that had been following him.

I already finished the finishing camp last November without pain. He performed well at finish camp, so he was also named to first-team spring camp.

He is a very talented player. In particular, his changeup is evaluated as the best in the country.

Since he is a player prepared as a starter, he can also be used as a 5th starter candidate. For now, the center of gravity is shifting toward the left-handed bullpen, where Kim Dae-yu left.

He’s keeping me hopeful that either way it doesn’t hurt and I can do my part. Although his injuries have not stopped, it seems that he is less worried about them now. As long as he is not sick, he is evaluated as a pitcher who can do his part well enough.

It is as if Seo Geon-chang and Ham Deok-joo just let the last two years go by. It didn’t help the team at all.

Can the two succeed in making a comeback this season and remain as a success story for LG Trade? If it collapses by this season, it seems that it will be difficult to get any more opportunities.

A very important time is coming up for both and LG.

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