LG’s goal to advance to the Korean Series…”88 wins will increase our chances!”

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The league-leading LG Twins have a clear goal for the rest of the season. It’s to go “+4” in 40 games to qualify for the Korean Series.

LG has played 104 games up until the Incheon SSG Landers on the 20th, and as of the 24th, they have a record of 64 wins, 2 ties, and 38 losses (.627). With exactly 40 games remaining, including today’s home game against the Lotte Giants, the gap to second-place KT Wiz is 6.5 games. Realistically, given the number of games remaining and LG’s pace, it’s more likely that the standings will stay the same than change.

However, we can’t let our guard down. KT, which has moved up to second place, is in hot pursuit. The two teams still have six games left in the season, so it’s important for LG to finish well against KT. The head-to-head record between the two teams is currently 5-5, so a 3-3 record in the remaining games would give LG some breathing room.

“I think our chances of finishing first (in the regular season) are definitely high if we record 88 wins,” LG head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said before the game against Lotte. “That’s important, but it’s more important that we target a certain number of wins and go for it,” he said.

“The most important goal and plan is to do what we need to do rather than what the opponent is doing well or not doing well,” Yeom said, adding, “That way, there is no pressure, and we can only think about what we need to do.”

For the first half of the season, Yeom was aiming for a win-loss margin of +3 to +4 every month. In addition to the 7-7 record in July, the team lost several players due to injuries and poor performance. Nonetheless, the team overcame the crisis to solidify their No. 1 status and have the strength to handle the variability of the schedule, including Monday’s game, the doubleheader, and the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.토토사이트

As a result, we can now talk about a specific number of wins for first place in the regular season. By preparing for fall baseball with as few variables as possible, LG is taking steps toward that dream.

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