Lotteman Noh Jin-hyeok’s new start “Be sound and healthy” 

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 “I want to play soundly and faithfully. You don’t have to worry about your health.”

Noh Jin-hyeok (35), who was reborn as a ‘Lotte Man’, vowed to be reborn as a model free agent (FA). Noh Jin-hyeok left for Guam on the 20th and started building his body early. Noh Jin-hyeok, who crossed the Nakdong River for a total of 5 billion won in 4 years in the last stove league, said, “Even when I was in NC, people around me called me a ‘Nakdong River rival’, but I didn’t pay much attention. It is because I thought that it was more important to do well in the game than to give meaning,” he said.

Although he wore a different uniform than he had worn for 10 years, it was a commitment to do his best for the team’s victory. Since he received a lot of money and transferred, the responsibility is greater. He said, “When he started his professional career, he thought, ‘Can I do free agency? He came to Lotte after being valued. During his inactive period, he sharpened and exercised. He emphasized that he wants to repay the trust.”

Although he has a shy personality, he headed to Guam early to adapt quickly. It was because I thought that if I bumped into my body, I would melt into the team. He said, “(Son) Ah-seop hyung said, ‘If you play well, the fans love you so much that you won’t be able to eat outside.’ He promised to repay the fans’ shouts as a player who is not ashamed.” 메이저사이트

Noh Jin-hyeok, who became a founding member of NC through a special nomination in 2012, played 801 games until last year. Although his main position is shortstop, he can play all infield positions. He is capable of various variations, such as playing as a third baseman when the defense is focused, and as a shortstop when the offense is focused. His career batting average is 0.266, but has been steadily rising since 2019. Noh Jin-hyeok said, “It should be helpful not only in defense but also in attack. He said his goal is to maintain an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.800 or higher.”

His career slugging percentage is 0.455 and on-base percentage is 0.353, but looking at the composition of the batting line, it is necessary to raise the on-base percentage to the 0.370 level. Head coach Park Heung-sik of Lotte said, “The goal of this spring camp is to increase the batting average in scoring position.” In order to increase the scoring average, the first priority is to accumulate runners. He has good clutch ability, but considering the burden of defense, it is more realistic to focus on getting on base.

Noh Jin-hyuk said, “There are many young players on the team. He was confident that he would play a role in leading the team by helping (Ahn) Chi Hong-yi, who was in charge of the captain. Not just a free agent, but a Dougout leader joined Lotte.

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