‘Man City’s chance to win the UCL?’ Real Madrid showing weakness, 2-0 defeat to Sociedad

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has a golden opportunity to claim the Champions League trophy in his hands. Real Madrid have been thrashing in their last two games, exposing the same problem.

In the 2022-23 Primera Liga 33R match held at Estadio de Anoeta in San Sebastian, Spain on the morning of the 3rd (Korean time), Real Madrid, which self-destructed, was defeated 0-2 by Real Sociedad.

Before the game, Real raised the white flag. Camavinga-Vinicius could not even participate due to accumulated warnings, and Modric, who was expected to return, and Benzema, who had no major problems, were excluded from the list and given a break.

As Real Madrid’s attacking line, which had been winning by attack power, disappeared, weaknesses were revealed once again. 

In the match against Girona, Militang, who was anxious, once again dedicated the opening goal with an unfortunate play, and the slightly older fullbacks Nacho Fernandez-Dani Carvajal collapsed with a complete defeat from the speed match.

The scene of the opening goal was absurd itself. Militang, who was building up from the rear, failed to deliver an accurate pass to goalkeeper Courtois due to the opponent’s pressure, and instead provided opponent striker Kubo with a perfect low cross assist that separated the defense and goalkeeper.

Then, in the 15th minute of the second half, fullback Dani Carvajal received a warning for a rather useless tackle near the center circle, and Carvajal, who 토토사이트 already had a card, was sent off.

Lucas Vazquez came in late, but it was the cause of the second goal in a 1-1 defeat against striker Ander Barenechea.

In the end, Real Madrid, which covered the defensive insecurity with sharp attacks, exposed its weaknesses and recorded a multi-score defeat against Sociedad following Girona.

The Champions League has been the club’s long-cherished business since its foundation in 1894. As the opponent of the quarterfinals, Real Madrid, is exposed to ‘defensive anxiety’, coach Pep Guardiola, who will face it, can prepare for the tournament with laughter. 

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