Man Utd did it… ‘Monster’ Holland silences first consecutive games of the season

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For the first time since the transfer, silence continued for two consecutive games.

Manchester City lost 1-2 in the 2022-23 English Premier League (PL) round 20 match against Manchester United held at Old Trafford, England on the 14th (Korean time).

Press is Eric ten Haag’s choice to stop Manchester City. The rear and midfield, as well as the front, ordered strong pressure on the players, and Manchester United got a counterattack opportunity from this, as well as being able to stop Man City’s attack.

In the 11th minute of the first half, Manchester United cut off Manchester City’s pass from the midfield and immediately developed an attack, and Bruno Fernandes took a shot opportunity from inside the box.

Above all, it is a great success in that it stopped Man City’s scoring power throughout the first half, which is showing off its terrifying scoring power. Man City, who scored the most goals in the league with 45 points this season, struggled throughout the first half of the day without making a single effective shot.

The role of Manchester United’s midfielders in stopping Kevin de Bruyne was key. In particular, Fred stayed close to The Bruiner and defended him throughout the game, blocking his movement.

Britain’s ‘BBC’ said, “Fred was excellent at staying close to Kevin De Bruyne. He stuck to his position and De Bruyne really struggled to break through the midfield.” 안전놀이터

As De Bruyne was blocked, the movement of Elling Holland, the team’s main scorer, was also restricted. Having already scored 21 goals and leading the overwhelming score, it was difficult to get a chance in the early stages of the game.

About him, ‘BBC’ said, “Man United players are prevented from playing in key areas, and the players who distribute the ball to Haaland are also struggling.” Explained.

This was also revealed in his records. Haaland only attempted one shot throughout the first half, and even that was not a valid shot.

In the end, the score did not explode from Holland’s toes. Substitute Jack Glelish scored the team’s only goal in the 15th minute of the second half.

Haaland was silent for two matches in a row in the league following the last match against Chelsea. This is the first time he has failed to score in consecutive games in the league since entering the English Premier League (PL) this season.

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