Men’s golf ‘untimely spring breeze’… rush of sponsors

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As the Korean Golf Stove League, which started in November last year, is nearing its end, most of the destinations for free agents (FA) players have been decided. Amidst the global economic downturn, this year’s Stove League was different from previous years when several players were recruited to establish a golf team. An atmosphere has been created to recruit a star player who has proven competitiveness on each tour, including the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour, and the American Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour. 카지노

Another characteristic is the interest in male players. As more companies are considering recruiting players on the Korean Tour, the situation is developing in a completely different way than expected. In Korea, men’s golf has been treated as a ‘cold meal’ due to the popularity of women’s golf for a long time. In the Korean golf world, officials were even unanimous in their opinions that the phenomenon of ‘girls high and boys low’ was evident.

However, according to various news known until recently, it seems that more players will wear a new sponsor logo on the front of their hats and travel around the Korean Tour. Among the companies that have turned their attention to sponsoring male players, BC Card stands out the most. BC Card, which has been supporting female players for a long time, including Jang Ha-na (31), one of the representative players of the KLPGA tour, plans to organize a golf team with male players. An official from BC Card said, “We have been working hard to develop the KLPGA Tour by sponsoring several female players for the past 12 years.” did.

It is known that Woori Financial Group, which enjoyed good publicity by recruiting Hwang Joong-gon (31) and Lee Jun-seok (35, Australia) last year, also increased the number of players this year. An official familiar with the Korean Tour said, “I know that Hwang Joong-gon and Lee Jun-seok reached the top from the first year of wearing Woori Financial Group hats and recruited some additional players.” I heard that you signed a contract with. We are also looking forward to signing a contract with an up-and-coming player with great potential.”

Geumgang House, which has been in its second year since the establishment of the golf team, recently signed contracts with Shin Yong-gu (32, Canada), winner of the Korean Tour Woosung General Construction Open last year, and Choi Young-joon (21), a special rookie who will debut on the Korean Tour this year. Regarding the recruitment of two additional Korean Tour players, an official from Geumgang Housing said, “It was a decision made for the development of men’s golf in Korea. We also signed contracts with two players on the Srixon Tour. “he said.

The reason why many companies are recruiting male players is that golf fans are interested in them. A management official said, “Golf fans are paying attention to male players as Lim Seong-jae (25), Kim Joo-hyung (21), and Lee Kyung-hoon (32), who entered the PGA tour through the Korean tour, are making great strides.” The high level of performance of the tour players also contributed to the rise in popularity.”

The high ransom of female athletes is also one of the reasons why companies are turning to male athletes. One official said, “

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