‘National soccer team’ caught at Chinese airport… Why is Son Jun-ho detained?

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Son Jun-ho, our national soccer team player, who is playing in the Chinese league, is being investigated by the Chinese public security in a state of detention.

The Chinese government has officially announced that Son is under investigation for accepting bribes.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened with Jung Ji-wook, a sports critic.

<Question 1> Son Jun-ho, you were selected for the Korean national team during the Qatar World Cup last year and helped advance to the round of 16. He is now said to be in Chinese public security custody, which is shocking. When and under what circumstances were you detained?토스카지노

<Question 2> Then why was he suddenly arrested? In particular, Son Jun-ho was a midfielder who played an active part in the World Cup in Qatar, but he has recently been active as a member of a professional team in Shandong, China, right?

<Question 3> However, Son Jun-ho, who has secured sufficient status in Shandong, China, was identified as the suspect, and the Chinese diplomatic authorities even officially announced that he was charged with ‘bribery’. What is the current position of the Chinese government?

<Question 4> When the news of the bribery charges came out, there were reactions such as why is the soccer player guilty of bribery? When the fact of the original detention was known, it was because interpretations came out that it was not embroiled in the suspicion of match-fixing by the affiliated team. Is it a separate case that your current team is under investigation?

<Question 5> Then, why was Son Jun-ho arrested on bribery charges? Since Son Jun-ho’s side is already receiving special treatment, he is in an unfair position, saying that he has no reason to get involved in receiving money or valuables?

<Question 6> So far, many situations are very mysterious. In the football world, there is also a possibility that he may have suffered unnecessary suffering due to the issue of transfer fees that are prevalent in Chinese football. It is not that he was the target of an investigation on charges of delivering money and valuables, such as transfer fees, to the person who requested them. How do you feel about this possibility?

<Question 7> In relation to this incident, foreign media also interpreted that it reflected the Xi Jinping government’s strong will to eradicate corruption in the Chinese football world?

<Question 8> It is said that Korean diplomatic authorities are also providing consular assistance to Son Jun-ho’s sudden detention. It was expected that there would be a visit today. What is the current situation?

<Question 9> By the way, what kind of punishment can be expected if the suspicion of bribery is confirmed?

<Question 10> Ironically, coach Choi Kang-hee was appointed as the new head coach of Shandong Taishan. With former coaches and players being accused of match-fixing, and player Son Jun-ho being detained, coach Choi Kang-hee, who has taken the helm, is not going to be easy to normalize his team?

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