‘Negotiation Month’ February… Finding a successor to Bento is not easy

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Congrats 201: ‘Negotiation Month’ February… Difficulty finding a successor for

Bento It’s been two months since coach Bento left, but the outline of the next head coach of the national soccer team is still in the fog. 

We need to pick the right person at the right time, but the situation doesn’t seem so easy. 

When the Football Association selected Bento coach 5 years ago and Stielike coach 9 years ago, the interim progress and future plans were disclosed ahead of the start of full-scale negotiations, but this time, the selection criteria are not specifically disclosed, and the entire process is being conducted privately.  슬롯사이트

This proves that difficulties are expected in the full-scale individual negotiations that will begin in the future. 

In this chukdeok ssukdeok, I pointed out the background. 

We also looked at the performance of soccer team captain Son Heung-min, who fired a signal to escape the sluggish run, and Kim Min-jae, who led Napoli’s leading run. 

Reporter Lee Jung-chan, announcer Joo Ji-eun, and PD Park Jin-hyung were together.

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