Noh Si-hwan, who has collapsed both the ‘wall of blow’ and the ‘30% wall’, must empty his thoughts

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Noh Si-hwan (23, Hanwha Eagles), who was hot, lost his momentum. 

Noh Si-hwan has been sluggish in 35 at-bats (31 at-bats) recently until the LG Twins match on the 21st. His batting average, which soared to 0.359, is now below 30% (0.294). It is the first time this season that his batting average has fallen below 30%. Even in April, when he was troubled by the lack of long hits, his batting average was steady.

Sluggishness and bad luck overlapped. Roh Si-hwan’s monthly batting average reached 0.472 even on the 13th, just before the no-hit streak. From the 10th to the 12th he also hit home runs in three consecutive games. From the opening to the 13th, Noh Si-hwan’s strong hitting rate (more than 150 km per hour) reached 45.3% (2nd overall). On the other hand, his strong hitting percentage after the 14th is only 21.1%, less than half.

Still, it’s not such a bad number that it leads to no hits. In the case of Socrates Brito (KIA Tigers, 22.7%), who did not have a big difference in hit ratio with Noh Si-hwan, he hit 10 hits during this period. Noh Si-hwan also recorded 84.4% of the walk rate (12.1%), strikeout rate (24.2%), and contact% during this period. His batting average was 0.359, and the record until May 13 (walk rate 10.2%, strikeout rate 19.1%, contact% 73.5%) is not large.

However, as the results did not come out, psychological chasing began to appear. KBS N Sports commentator Kim Tae-gyun, who was in charge of relaying the game on the 20th, analyzed that “(in the batting form) the left wall collapsed” during the broadcast. When he hits a good ball, he notes, “It goes all the way to the fence because the left wall holds up.” Then, in the game on the 21st, he showed a passive appearance. When Jung Woo-young of LG got a looking strikeout, MBC Sports Plus commentator Jung Min-cheol pointed out, “It seems like you have a lot of thoughts.”

As much as luck follows, misfortune follows. Before the no-hitter started, Noh Si-hwan’s BABIP (in-play batting average) reached 0.411. He could see that he was lucky. However, his BABIP came down to 0.336 after a no-hit period. It is close to the individual career figure (0.324).토토사이트

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho tried to change the atmosphere by changing the batting order of Noh Si-hwan, but it is ultimately up to Noh Si-hwan himself to overcome. Director Choi also said, “Isn’t Kim Hyeon-soo (LG) of the world also recorded no hits in 34 at-bats at the beginning of the season. Noh Si-hwan doesn’t know what’s going on inside, but he says he’s fine on the outside. I didn’t talk about it because the coach might be more concerned about what the coach is saying next to him.” “(The sluggishness is only a short-term problem), so the player doesn’t have to be sick,” he said. 

Noh Si-hwan once again stood in front of the stairs of growth.

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