Ohtani’s 60-homer bid to become Japan’s first home run king: why it’s up to the outfielders

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“Mike Trout’s return will give him more opportunities to compete with Shohei Ohtani.”

Japanese media outlet Full Count discussed Los Angeles Angels slugger Shohei Ohtani’s chances of becoming the first Japanese to win the Major League Baseball home run title and challenge for the 60-homer mark on Feb. 22. Ohtani has 43 homers in 123 games this season. He is three homers shy of his single-season high of 46 in 2021, and 17 shy of Ma’s 60. The Angels have 37 games left in the regular season, so there’s still a chance to reach 60 homers, though it won’t be easy.

Ohtani is currently tied with Matt Olson (Atlanta, National League) for the major league lead in home runs. He’ll have to start by catching up to Olson, which shouldn’t be too difficult if he wants to defend his American League home run title. Ohtani has a 10-run lead over Lewis Roberts (White Sox, 33 home runs) for the American League lead.

Full Count expects Ohtani’s home run pace to pick up once Trout returns from injury. Trout, a three-time American League MVP (2014, 2016, 2019), was considered a one-of-a-kind baseball prodigy before Ohtani’s arrival in the majors. “Trout was sidelined with a fractured wrist on May 5, but the Angels cleared the outfield roster on May 21,” the media outlet said, adding that the move was seen as a way to make room for Trout’s return.

He went on to say, “If you look at Ohtani’s performance this season, he hit 31 home runs in 86 games before he was sent down, but he hit 12 home runs in 37 games after he was sent down, and his doubles increased from four before he was sent down to 12 after he was sent down. Since Trout’s injury, he’s played fewer than half as many games, but has tripled the number of high fly balls. “With Trout back, (opposing batters) will have more opportunities to match up with Ohtani,” he said.

Ohtani set the record for most home runs in a season by a Japanese player with 46 in 2021. However, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto) and Salvador Perez (Kansas City) tied for the home run lead that year with 48 home runs, so Ohtani was unable to claim the title. This year is his chance to break the record for most home runs by a Japanese player and become the first Japanese player to win the title.토스카지노

Full Count quotes veteran Hanshin Tigers pitcher Luis Mendoza of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) as saying that Ohtani has the potential to hit 60 home runs. Mendoza played with Ohtani for the Nippon Ham Fighters from 2013 through the winter of 2017.

As Full Count notes, “Mendoza said Ohtani is in position to hit 60 home runs. He’s hoping to hit 17 of them in his remaining 37 games and get a late-season spurt to accomplish the feat.

Only six players in Major League Baseball history have reached the 60-homer plateau. Barry Bonds (73 in 2001), Mark McGwire (70 in 1998, 65 in 1999), Sammy Sosa (66 in 1998, 63 in 1999, 64 in 2001), Aaron Judge (62 in 2022), Roger Maris (61 in 1961), and Babe Ruth (60 in 1927). Of those, only New York Yankees slugger Jersey , is an active player. Can Ohtani surpass Ma’s 60-homer plateau and join the ranks of Major League Baseball’s legendary home run hitters?

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