Park Hang-seo finished his trip to Vietnam… AFC “He is an eternal legend”

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After coach Park Hang-seo, who is credited with raising the overall level of Southeast Asian football, finished his tour with Vietnam, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) shed light on him again.

On the 23rd, AFC said, “Coach Hang-seo Park left Vietnam after 5 years. He raised Vietnamese football to a new level with his excellent resourcefulness, and also raised the golden generation of Vietnam. He has won the title of legendary coach.” He looked back on the past five years of the Vietnamese national soccer team he led. 안전놀이터

In the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2019, after playing an equal game against Japan and losing 0-1, AFC said, “At the time of the 2019 Asian Cup, Vietnam led by coach Park was the strongest ever. Almost Japan It was a decisive game that showed how much Vietnamese football has grown.”

The AFC added, “Vietnam lost to Thailand in the last AFF Cup and finished runner-up. It was not an honorable result,” but added, “But coach Park will remain as an eternal legend in the Southeast Asian football world.”

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