‘Park Moo-bin’s 3-point explosion’ Korean men’s selection team and Japanese men’s selection team were completely defeated

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The Korean men’s collegiate team defeated the Japanese men’s collegiate team.

The Korean men’s college basketball selection team (hereinafter referred to as Korea) defeated the Japanese men’s college basketball selection team (hereinafter referred to as Japan) 81-61 in the first game of the 46th Korea-Japan College Basketball Selection Tournament (formerly Sangbaekbae Lee) held at Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 19th. won Including the 2019 tournament, he ran 3 consecutive victories.

Lee Joo-young (senior of Chung-Ang University) and Yoo Gi-sang (senior of Yonsei University), Jung-hyeon Moon (senior of Korea University), Kyu-tae Lee (sophomore of Yonsei University), and Jun Yang (junior of Korea University) were included in the starting lineup. Except for the absence of Park Moo-bin (a senior at Korea University), it was the best lineup Korea could offer.

South Korea entrusted Moon Jung-hyeon as the point guard. Moon Jung-Hyun overcame the Japanese defender’s pressure well with physical fights and timing. Also, Lee Gyu-tae showed off a sophisticated backboard jumper at the right elbow. Attack wasn’t bad.

However, Korea could not easily overcome Japan’s fight without a ball and strong pressure. Also, the speed of Korea’s offense and defense was similar to that of Japan. So it was difficult for Korea to solve the game. It took the lead 25-22 only 13.8 seconds before the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the defensive strength was increased. In particular, he controlled Japan’s 2v2 with a quick change of timing. Japan’s ball delivery was also delayed from the Japanese camp. I tried to win the fight with stronger moves than Japan.

Lee Gyu-tae widened the attack space with a long shooting distance. Lee Kang-hyeon (3rd year of Chung-Ang University) was able to gain strength in the paint zone. Korea, which harmonized the inside and outside of the goal, ran away 34-25 in 4 minutes and 14 seconds from the start of the second quarter. Japan induced the last timeout of the first half.

Korea’s uptrend subsided in the second half of the second quarter. The problem was giving away second chance points. Another problem was that the attack area was limited to the paint zone. Also, bad news came when Lee Kyu-tae injured his left ankle 29.9 seconds before the end of the second quarter.

However, Yang Joon (Korea University senior) showed his competitiveness in the paint zone with his height and fighting spirit. The hook shot following the pivot made the score difference 48-37, double digits.

Korea, which escaped by a double-digit score, showed confidence. In particular, Park Moo-bin was like that. He set the mood for Korea to rise with two 3-pointers. With Park Moo-bin’s 3 points, Korea further widened the gap with Japan to 58-43 three minutes before the end of the third quarter.

I was confused for a moment by Japan’s quick karate conversion and offensive rebound participation. However, Korea countered Japan in the same way. After making the last defense in the third quarter, Yoo Ki-sang’s 3 quick attacks raised the decibels of Korean fans. South Korea finished the third quarter with a score of 65-49.토토사이트

Park Moo-bin showed his presence in the 4th quarter. In particular, when 2 minutes and 11 seconds had passed since the start of the 4th quarter, Park Moo-bin scored a 3-point from a far distance from the 3-point line. It was a score that ran away at 71-53. Confident of winning, Park Moo-bin made Korean fans even hotter with a ceremony.

The score difference was large. Nonetheless, Korea was focused. This is because we have to play on the 20th and 21st. So, for the rest of the time, Japan was pushed even harder. With a complete victory, he started the ideal 100-fold tournament held in three years with a good feeling.

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