Phoenix still hoping for a lot with Crowder mediation

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The Phoenix Suns don’t seem to be easy to trade.

According to ESPN’s Jack Lowe, Phoenix still sees the value of Jay Crowder (forward, 198cm, 106.6kg), who has yet to be sent.

Phoenix said it was hoping for a good young player, a first-round ticket, and one of its starting power forwards through Crowder. The intention is to have a promising player, a nomination right, and a main player through Crowder.

However, the current value of Crowder is not very high. Not only did Phoenix fail to pull off a trade early in the season, but they haven’t played this season. In other words, Crowder wants Phoenix to be overly elevated. Of course, in the position of having to trade, it is necessary to draw out the maximum deal, but it is undeniable that Phoenix has reduced the value of Crowder.

Moreover, Crowder’s contract expires at the end of this season. It is questionable whether most clubs will be interested in Crowder as a condition of giving him a promising player or the right to pick him, unless he has a special power. In addition, there is no reason for a team that is going to win the championship to give a starting class. In other words, in reality, clubs entering the reconstruction have to dispose of their main power, but there are not many clubs in that category.

Phoenix wanted to make Cameron Johnson their starting forward ahead of training camp this season. Crowder expressed regret. Eventually, he asked for a trade, and Phoenix and Crowder agreed not to be together. Crowder had been on the trade block since the start of the season. However, Phoenix has not been able to pull off a trade until now, midway through the season.

In the early and mid-season, a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks was promoted, but it was not. Phoenix has been hoping to secure a starting lineup. However, the reinforcement failed as they could not agree on deals with other clubs. In the meantime, Johnson, Devin Booker, and Chris Paul could not be traded even while the main players were injured. Phoenix, which had to supply power, had no choice but to regret the misfire of the trade. 스포츠토토

During the season, the names of the Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz were also mentioned. Atlanta’s John Collins, Phoenix’s Crowder, and Utah’s rebuilding. The Washington Wizards, who had Kyle Kuzma on behalf of Utah, were mentioned as candidates, but the trade was not finalized. Different clubs had room to exchange the main forward, but it seems that they withdrew the discussion for different reasons.

It doesn’t look easy for Phoenix to send Crowder under one of the conditions above. There is still a trade deadline left, but it is doubtful how interested other teams will be in a power transfusion that has not yet played this season. Furthermore, if it is difficult to meet the conditions of Phoenix, there is no choice but to just pass by. Clubs aiming for reinforcement are expected to wait until the deadline for a decline in value.

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