“Professionals are definitely different” Surprised after participating in the 1st round of ‘Two-Four Dual Swords’, rookie OT

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 Kiwoom Heroes held the ‘2023 New Player Orientation’ at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 17th.

This new player orientation was prepared to cultivate the basic attitude and knowledge of professional players, including the goal consciousness that professional players should have. 토토사이트

A total of 13 people attended the orientation for new players, including 12 new players and 1 foster player, including Geonhee Kim, who was nominated for the first round.

In addition to lectures by coach Wonki Hong and coach Jongjin Seol, various lectures were held for players taking their first steps as professional players, such as training, power analysis, media response, and marketing education. After completing the training, a gift was given to commemorate his professional debut.

Kim Geon-hee, a rookie in the first round who is expected to play ‘Lee Do-ryu’ as a catcher and pitcher at Wonju Juju, said, “I learned a lot while listening to various lectures. In particular, I realized that a professional is definitely different in terms of training and power analysis. Think about your behavior and mindset as a professional player. It was a time to see,” he said.

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