‘Prosecution of special breach of trust’ Yoon Hong-geun, chairman of BBQ, will the ice skating federation president continue?

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Some in the sports world resigned as President Yoon Hong-geun of the domestic chicken franchise BBQ, who is controversial after being handed over to trial for violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (mistrust), maintains key positions such as the chairmanship of the Korea Ice Skating Federation. There is a voice that needs to be done.  

According to Yonhap News, the 2nd Criminal Division (Chief Prosecutor Song Jeong-eun) of the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office announced on the 1st that it had indicted Chairman Yoon without detention on the 16th of last month on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Economic Crimes.

Chairman Yoon is accused of causing damage to the company by causing Genesis and BBQ, which are BBQ holding companies, to lend billions of won in company funds from 2013 to 2016 to his private company J, and failing to recover the considerable amount.

Company J is a private company established in July 2013 with a 100% equity investment by Chairman Yoon’s family, and is not an affiliate of Genesis or BBQ. Company J was later sold for reasons such as capital erosion.

In April 2021, Bhc, a competitor in the chicken industry, filed a complaint with the Seongnam Sujeong Police Station for breach of trust, saying, “BBQ Chairman Yoon Hong-geun caused damages by lending about 8.3 billion won in company funds to a private company unrelated to BBQ.” It started.

The police, who had investigated for more than a year, did not send the case in July of last year, but bhc objected to it and filed an objection in August of that year, and the prosecution judged that Chairman Yoon was guilty of breach of trust and handed it over to trial.

The BBQ side is in the position that it is a ‘slanderous accusation’ of bhc, a competitor. 

Through the press, the Genesis BBQ Group argued that “it is an unreasonable prosecution case in which there are no actual victims, amount of damage, or social damage as it is a case of accusation of slander against a competitor created by a competitor to make BBQ wither.”

“The Genesis BBQ Group suffered greatly from the false report of embezzlement of study expenses in 2018,” he said. 

However, the prosecution is known to have secured a considerable amount of evidence to prove the charge of breach of trust while prosecuting Chairman Yoon without detention. 

As BBQ chairman Yoon Hong-geun was indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (mistrust), there are voices calling for him to step down from key positions such as the chairmanship of the Korea Ice Skating Federation.  안전놀이터

The president of the Korea Skating Federation is not only in charge of speed skating and figure skating, including short track, which is a strong winter event in Korea, but also in charge of sports diplomacy on behalf of Korea, so there are concerns that leadership and national prestige may be diminished. There is also 

Chairman Yoon Hong-geun wrote in a greeting on the website of the Korea Ice Skating Federation, “I will do my best to restore the trust of ice skating fans and the public by taking the lead in transparent and fair operation of the federation and protection of sports human rights, and to become a beloved Korea Skating Federation again.” there is. 

However, as he was indicted without detention for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Economic Crimes (Breach of Trust), President Yoon advocated “transparent and fair operation of the federation and restoration of the trust of ice fans and the public.”

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