Rayjovic beats Djokovic: “I never thought I’d beat him”

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In the quarterfinals of the ATP250 Srpska Open (Bosnia and Herzegovina) singles, No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic (Serbia) lost to fellow countryman Dusan Rayovic 4-6 6-7 (6).

In the two matches they faced on the tour, Rayovic only won four games from Djokovic, but he produced a great change on this day. Rayovic overpowered the opponent with stable play, keeping 15 out of 16 break points. It was Djokovic’s third loss of the season. In particular, it is the first time since 2012 that it has lost to a Serbian player.

“I’m proud. This is the biggest win of my career. Playing with my good friend and national hero Knoll (Djokovic’s nickname) has a lot of emotions and it’s complicated. I never thought I could defeat him, but it happened.” said in an interview with Court.토스카지노

Rayovic, who fought aggressively with intermittent serves and volleys and put pressure on Djokovic, is the third victory in his life against a top 5 player, and this is the first time he has beaten the first place.  

“Today he (Djokovic) didn’t have very good first serve odds. Thanks to that, I was able to use that as my advantage. Overall, I think I played very well,” Rayovic looked back on the game.

Rayovic will face 4th seed Miomir Kekmanovic (Serbia) in the quarterfinals.

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