“Respect Kim Gwang-hyun”… SSG McCarty shows off his skills at US Spring Camp

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Reporter Lee Myeong-dong = “Kim Gwang-hyun (34) was the same left-handed pitcher, so he was a player I always respected.”

New foreign left-handed pitcher Kirk McCarty at SSG Landers spring camp held at Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Florida, USA on the 1st (local time) (27) revealed that he always respected Kim Gwang-hyun. On this day, McCarty also showed stable bullpen pitching.

McCarty emphasized that day, “I knew Choo Shin-soo (40) and Kim Gwang-hyun from before.”

On the first day of camp, McCarty raised expectations by recording a maximum speed of 146 km/h in the bullpen pitch. He threw 25 pitches, including 11 fastballs, 4 cutters, 3 curveballs, 2 sliders and 5 forkballs.

McCarty, who finished pitching, said, “I was satisfied with the overall condition of the pitching and the feeling of my fingertips. The pitching mechanism and release point were as good as I thought.” He added, “As soon as he entered spring camp, he thought he needed to get in shape to deal with batters, so he improved his condition a lot.” 메이저사이트

He also said, “I will try to start the season in perfect shape without getting hurt during the spring camp” and “I want to learn Korean as soon as possible”, reaffirming his determination.

After watching the pitching, Woongcheon Cho, pitching coach, said, “It was the beginning of the camp, so I didn’t use 100% of my power yet, but I felt the power of McCarty’s fastball was good.” I received an image as a pitcher whose strength is the pitching of the ball.”

McCarty signed a contract with SSG on December 8 last year for a total of $775,000 (annual salary of $600,000 and an option of $175,000). On the 29th of last month, he joined the Florida spring camp early and improved his condition.

SSG will spend spring camps in Florida, USA (1st) and Okinawa, Japan (2nd), which are scheduled until the 8th of next month. The first camp will continue until the 26th at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Florida, USA.

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