Returning GSW troublemaker Green “Even Draymond Green’s rules can’t shake me”

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Green returns for Game 4.

The Golden State Warriors will play Game 4 of the 1st round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs with the Sacramento Kings at the Chase Center in San Francisco on the 23rd (Korean time).

It is the 4th game that could be the watershed of the game. Golden State, driven into a corner, took the 3rd game and prepared an opportunity for a rebound. If you win the 4th game, you can go to the opponent’s home with the atmosphere completely taken. On the other hand, if Sacramento catches the 4th game, it is like stepping on the 7th ridge to advance to the 2nd round.먹튀검증

The key point of Game 4 is, of course, the return of Draymond Green. Green, who committed an unsportsmanlike foul on the stomach of Domantas Sabonis in Game 2, was suspended for one game and missed Game 3.

There was a lot of controversy over Green’s suspension. Current and former NBA stars also voiced their opinions in defense of Green, saying they did not agree to the suspension. It is known that the inside of the Golden State club was also angry after the fact of the disciplinary action was reported.

Green did not show much reflection on his habitual dirty play. Green, who insisted that his umpires only hold him to high standards, said in an interview that he would stick to his own style and face Game 4. Coach Steve Kerr even left a story that he could not control Draymond Green’s excitement and competitive spirit, and that led his team to victory. 

“The referees have made the Draymond Green rule before and it didn’t work. I’m still here. Draymond Green will not be swayed by the Draymond Green rule,” Green said.

“I will continue to play the way I play. I won’t change the way I play because it leads to wins. If I lost, they wouldn’t have made the Draymond Green rules. keeps winning and that’s great, but the Draymond Green rule won’t change me.”  

Green expressed regret at not being able to play on the court with his teammates in Game 3.

“It’s hard not to be in that fierce fight,” Green said. “We come here every day of the year and prepare to play against other teams. We’re ready to fight with our backs against the wall and know we’re not by our teammates’ side.” It’s disappointing,” he said.

What will be the direction of the Golden State and Sacramento series? A lot of attention is focused on the 4th match between the two teams.

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