‘Reverse win shot’ Kim Min-jung, “I thought (Park) Ji-soo would give it”

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“My hands were shaking after throwing”

Kim Min-jung’s last goal saved KB.

Cheongju KB Stars defeated Busan BNK Some in the 4th round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 20th. KB became 6-13 and narrowed the ride with Shinhan Bank in 4th place to 3.5 games.

KB, who took a 10-point lead in the 3rd quarter, caught up with BNK’s counterattack, and was eventually reversed 4.7 seconds before the end.

the last attack that followed. Kim Min-jung took advantage of Park Ji-soo’s defense and went under the vacant goal, received Park Ji-soo’s pass, and calmly succeeded in the winning shot.

Kim Min-jung said, “I thought (Park) Ji-soo would give it. Coincidentally, the opponent’s defense was driven by Ji-soo, and I had a chance to wait under the goal. My hands trembled next time,” he recalled the moment of the winning goal.

Kim Min-jung said of her victory, “Right now, 1 win 1 win is so precious, so I want to put meaning in winning. The coach said a lot that we should stick to the present, thinking that there is no tomorrow, but I think we overcame it well.”

After the game, KB coach Kim Wan-soo praised Kim Min-jung a lot.

“He is not a flashy or outstanding player, but he consistently plays his part. He is always a good player. Coach Seung-gyun Chu had the nickname ‘silent strongman’ during his active career, and (Kim) Min-jeong is such a player in our team. I think that (Park) Ji-soo and (Kang) Seul-i can do better,” emphasizing that Kim Min-jung is an essential player in the team.

Kim Min-jung laughed, saying, “Thank you so much for the compliment, so I’ll have to help my teammates more in the next game.” He said, “I didn’t know during the game, but after watching the video, the coach praised me for having many chances because of me, so I’m trying to move more like that. Rather than holding the ball myself, I feel more joy when I cut or save my teammates.” .

KB is marching forward to enter the 4th place in earnest after Park Ji-soo’s return.

Kim Min-jung said, “Certainly, Jisoo’s body is not perfect, but now she is running as a whole, and the fact that she is running with Jisoo makes her feel somewhat comfortable and gives her confidence.” 온라인바카라

On the other hand, KB must first catch fourth place Shinhan Bank to advance to the playoffs. However, Shinhan Bank stopped the winning streak of the leading Woori Bank two days ago and increased its momentum.

Kim Min-jung said, “Honestly, I was upset after watching the game from the beginning. Didn’t we already run away greatly in the first quarter? In fact, we have to work harder on what we have to do without worrying about other teams, and I think morale will drop further if we are shaken by other results. .

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