Richarli Song ‘Please give me a uniform~’ → cheering for a senior returning from injury in the 2nd Army ‘burst out with laughter’

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Tottenham Richarlison, who returned from injury, visited the 2nd team stadium to support the senior who recovered from injury. He also joked while watching his senior perform. It was because the hand sign he was holding with the fans read, ‘Give me the signed uniform.’

The Sun reported on the 28th that Richarlison was bullying Lucas Moura, who played for the under-21 team against Arsenal. He says he’s teasing, but in fact, he’s a mischievous figure.

Moura and Richarlisson were on the same side. Because both were injured. Moura, 31, has only played 266 minutes for Tottenham this season due to injury. His last trip was against Leeds last November. He was sidelined for two months due to an injury.

Such Moura participated in the recent Tottenham U21 team game. Moura showed signs of recovering from injury, including an away game against Arsenal and scoring an equalizer in the first half.

Moura volleyed a cross from the right into the goal. After being substituted after the first half, he went straight to work. 스포츠토토

Richarlison, who was also born in Brazil, visited the stadium to watch the return of his senior. Coincidentally, in the stands, a female fan was holding a sign to support Moura.

It seems that Richarli Song, who saw this, was caught on camera holding a sign from a female fan and supporting Moura side by side.

A sign with Richarlison read, ‘Moura, can you give me your uniform?’ It looks Portuguese, not English.

Moura failed to extend his contract due to an injury. He will leave the team at the end of this season. “To be honest, when we were planning the season, Moura was an important player for us,” said coach Antonio Conte. ” he said sadly.

“His injury took a toll on me and the team,” Conte said. Moura is a good player. Also, last season he helped us qualify for the Champions League,” he said. “My plan was to include him in the squad, but injury prevented that.”

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