Ronaldo’s ‘Golden Gold Equalizer’, Reports Debut Goal… Al Nasr’s 13 match unbeaten streak

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 Correspondent Kang Dong-hoon = Cristiano Ronaldo (37) reported his debut goal after moving Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia). The goal was more meaningful as it led to a dramatic draw while calmly succeeding in the penalty kick (PK) in the second half of the extra time.

On the 4th (Korean time), Ronaldo started in the 2022-2023 season Saudi Professional League round 15 away game against Alphatech held at the Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium in Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia and scored an equalizer.

Ronaldo, who was the frontline striker on the day, kept silent throughout the first and second half. He hit four shots, but only one shot on target, such as hitting the post, was connected. Then, in the second half of the extra time, he became a kicker in the second half of the extra time and scored with a light success. 스포츠토토

Ronaldo was active during his full-time career. According to ‘Sofa Score’, a media specializing in soccer statistics, he was active in all directions, including 2 successful dribbling breakthroughs, 2 opportunity creations, 1 cross success, and 2 free fouls. It received a rating of 7.1. This is the sixth highest score for both teams.

Al-Nasr kept its first place (10 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss, 33 points) by continuing its 13-game undefeated streak in the Saudi Professional League with a draw that day. It has the same number of points as 2nd place Al-Shabab (33 points), but is ahead in goal loss.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo signed a ‘mega’ deal with Al Nasr early last month. He accompanies him until 2025 under the condition of an annual salary of 75 million dollars (about 93 billion won). “I’ve played for the most important club in Europe and I’ve done it all. I could have played elsewhere, but I wanted to contribute to the football of this great country,” he said at his opening ceremony.

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