Rumors of returning to the national team at the age of 35, Yang Hyo-jin said, “I just laugh”

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I’ll just laugh.”

When asked about returning to the national team, Hyundai Engineering & Construction veteran middle blocker Yang Hyo-jin (34) said this with a smile. 

Rumors of returning to the national team at the age of 35 in Korea. However, looking at Yang Hyo-jin’s performance this season, it could have been. Currently, Yang Hyo-jin is ranked 1st in open attacks (45.14% success rate), 1st in quick attacks (59.52% success rate), 2nd in blocking (0.74 per set), and 2nd in time delay attacks (55.17% success rate). I am continuing my skills. 

Yang Hyo-jin’s true value shined in the Heungkuk Life Insurance match on the 11th, which was called the preview championship match. Yang Hyo-jin, who built the ‘Wall of Wailing’ with 10 effective blocking and 4 blocking goals, not only effectively blocked Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena’s attacks, but also scored 10 points with her own advantage, a quick break, and led the team to a 3-2 victory. led  온라인카지노

It was natural that Yang Hyo-jin, who believes and sees, continues to insist on his return to the national team with his still good skills. Yang Hyo-jin announced her retirement from the national team with Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) and Kim Su-ji (IBK Industrial Bank) after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021. However, there were many fans who wanted to return to the national team because of his still good skills. 

Yang Hyo-jin responded with a smile. Standing in front of reporters as a distinguished player at Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 11th, when asked about returning to the national team, he said, “I will just laugh. I’m sorry,” she replied briefly. Yang Hyo-jin said, “I have already announced my retirement once, and I think young middle blockers are doing well in international competitions such as the Volleyball Nations League (VNL),” and wanted younger players to be spotlighted. 

Yang Hyo-jin said, “I think we should cheer for the young players. Everyone is doing well, and I can see that they are gradually emerging in the league.” requested. 

Regarding the rising trend of Hyundai E&C, which is showing an extreme figure this season, Yang Hyo-jin emphasized that teamwork shined more than her own performance. Regarding the vacancy of foreign player Yasmin Bedart, Yang Hyo-jin said, “I have no choice but to feel his vacancy, but (Hwang) Yeon-joo is doing well in a different style from Yasmin. Whether Yasmin is present or not, our teamwork comes out well and it seems to be going well,” he said, boasting more of teamwork and emphasizing it. 

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