Ryu Hyun-jin hopes → Toronto ace stands tall → Demonstration match ERA 5.40 → ‘meaningless’

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The start of the demonstration game was not very good. But it doesn’t mean much.

Alec Manoa (29, Toronto Blue Jays) has risen to the team’s ace starting with the 2022 season. In 2021, his first year in the big leagues, he earned the nickname “Hyunjin Ryu” and raised awareness, and last year, his second year, he made a big success with 16 wins and 7 losses with an average ERA of 2.24 in 31 games.

Manoa quickly rose to become the best pitcher in the American League, ranking third in wins, third in earned run average, fourth in most innings pitched (196⅔innings), fourth in WHIP (0.99), and fifth in batting average (0.202). Thanks to this, he finished preparing to become a national star by ranking third in the American League Cy Young Video poll.

However, even in the big leagues, where there are numerous players who fly and grow, there are many players who shine for one or two years. For Manoa, this season is another test bed. Inside Toronto, there are pitchers who can play the ace role, such as Kevin Gaussman and Jose Berrios, who are expecting a revival, even if Manoa is not as good as last year. However, for Manoa, if he gets good grades this year, he can raise the class itself to the next level.

Manoa had his first appearance in the demonstration game on the 3rd (hereafter Korean time). He was treated as a pivotal pitcher and went into his first real game with ease. A home demonstration game against the 2023 Major League Pittsburgh Pirates held at TD Ball Park in Dunedin, Florida, USA.

Manoa gave up 3 hits, 2 strikeouts, 1 walk and 1 run in 1⅔ innings. He wasn’t a clean pitcher, but he wasn’t bad considering it was his first game. He got a right-handed hit from Conor Joe in the first inning, but struck out Cannon Smith Nigba on a swing with a slider and line-drived Miguel Anduha with a 94-mile sinker. Manoa used his wits and dealt with it himself. 먹튀검증

Manoa threw a slider to leading hitter Austin Hedges in the second inning, hit left-handed, and walked, but struck out Reover Pegro with a slider as well. He had 37 pitches while getting four batters on base. He had no reason to overdo it.

Manoa entered the stage of improving his physical condition in line with the opening series of the regular season. His performance in the exhibition match is of no great importance. Toronto will hope that Manoa will perform well like last year and lead the starting lineup well, especially until the second half when Ryu Hyun-jin returns.

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