Sangmyung University Kim Tae-ho, thanks to Choi Jun-hwan and Song Jeong-woo, become the tallest man

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“I was physically burdened by going back and forth, but Choi Jun-hwan and Song Jeong-woo came in and I’m getting a lot of help in that area.”

Sangmyung University is preparing for the opening of the college basketball league in 2023 by holding practice matches in Yeosu City, Jeollanam-do from the 1st after strengthening physical strength and refining tactics by January.

Kim Tae-ho (190cm, G), whom I met here, said, “I returned on the 27th of last month because of a stress fracture. Around December 13th, I put on a cast to get better quickly. As for his physical condition right now, other than being a little heavy, I think his body will come up soon with more exercise.”

In high school and practice games, Kim Tae-ho often scored by breaking through while reading the movement of the defense, not speed.

Kim Tae-ho said, “It’s been a while since I came back, so it’s not very painful, but I have a little pain, so I play the game carefully.” The university has a strong defense, but it is said that it will be more difficult to block if there is a shot. In college, I was good at defending, so my shots didn’t go well. He knows how to break through like that, so if he is equipped with a shot, he will be a harder player to block.”

Kim Tae-ho should take responsibility not only for his role as leading guard this year, but also for scoring goals. It is also the core of the defense pursued by Sangmyung University.

Kim Tae-ho, who has to play multiple roles, said, “I definitely take responsibility, but I don’t try to run with a burden because there is not much difference in skills between my juniors.” I want to make up for it,” he said.

Kim Tae-ho said he wanted to improve his shot, but there were very few attempts at 3-point shots in practice games.

Kim Tae-ho said, “It’s still a practice game, and the coach ordered something, so I don’t throw it. If you look at it during training, the shooting condition is not bad, so you can make up for it.”

Sangmyung University reinforced its strength with the joining of freshmen Choi Joon-hwan (198cm, C) from Yeosu Hwayang High School, Song Jeong-woo (192cm, F) from Anyang High School, and Wi Jeong-woo (172cm, G) from Baejae High School.

Kim Tae-ho said, “When I first entered (Sangmyung University) last year, I felt that I was doing very well. What he lacked was a big man. Choi Jun-hwan and Song Jeong-woo came in and filled it up a lot. Because last year it was zero. It gives me a lot of strength in that part,” he said. I am getting a lot of help in that area now.”

Guard Kim Tae-ho was the only one in the team last year with a height of 190 cm, so he blocked the opposing big man. The addition of Choi Jun-hwan and Song Jeong-woo, who can hold out under the goal, eases Kim Tae-ho’s burden of defense under the goal.

Kim Tae-ho said, “I try to buy delicious food (laughs), joke around as much as possible and try to be friendly.” took up to

Kim Tae-ho tried to become a pro at his Dankook University, but was frustrated. After taking a one-year hiatus, he transferred to Sangmyung University last year. Transferred players are subject to a 3-month suspension. Kim Tae-ho, who barely played in the college basketball league last year, can play from the opening this time. 스포츠토토

Kim Tae-ho said, “I personally lack a lot. I think about what I lack every day and try to fix it, and I try to follow the director’s orders well. In particular, we value defense, there are many tactics, and there are many things that change, so I want to do it in detail and perfectly.” I have a tendency to relax my body when my physical strength drops as I go backwards, but I want to become a player who plays well without making mistakes in a mature way.”

The college basketball league is known to start in early March. About a month left now.

Kim Tae-ho said, “It wasn’t a big injury from the transfer process, but there were a lot of minor injuries. I hope I can spend a year without getting hurt. If you can’t do well, you can practice and make up for it, but if you get hurt, your practice will be ruined and it will be frustrating. My goal is not to get injured and to do it steadily.” He had a simple but most important dream.

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