‘Sell Kane’ 100 million pounds… Tottenham shock decision

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Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy made a shocking decision. The ‘Not For Sale’ policy for flagship striker Harry Kane has been lifted.

British media ‘Express’ quoted a report by Telegraph on the 20th (Korean time) and said that Tottenham would approve Kane’s transfer if the transfer fee was 100 million pounds (approximately 150 billion won).

Kane is a superstar symbolizing Tottenham. It is no exaggeration to say that he accounts for half of Tottenham’s power. Tottenham coach Antonio Conte rotates key strikers such as Son Heung-min, Richarlison and Dejan Klusevski, but Kane was an exception.

Love calls from big clubs never stopped. Whenever that happened, Chairman Levy did not even set up a negotiating table at all. Kane was an exception in the transfer market as he did not even listen to the terms.

Manchester City aimed for Kane ahead of the 2021-2022 season. Kane was also tired of a long life at Tottenham. Kane also requested a transfer. Kane also did not attend pre-season training. Alone in Florida, he enforced ‘non-return from vacation’ and staged an armed protest.

At the time, Levy told the media to bring 160 million pounds (about 250 billion won) to take Kane. It was not the amount offered through official negotiations with Man City, but the amount Levy called at will. That’s enough money to buy three A-class players. I was told not to sell. 안전놀이터

Then Levi changed his mind. The price has also been drastically reduced. 100 million pounds is enough for rich clubs such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea to afford.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham runs through the summer of 2024. This means that this summer is the best time to sell Kane at the highest price. If Kane refuses to renew the contract after passing the summer, Tottenham will have to release it as a free agent without getting a penny of the transfer fee.

Kane is one of the best strikers in the world. However, since his 2011 debut, none of his major tournament trophies have been won. He dreamed of winning the championship after Conte came to Tottenham, but looking at the recent results, it seems difficult. If Tottenham doesn’t show the possibility of winning this season, Kane’s transfer will come to reality.

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