Sensibility and rationality

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<The 9th Report> (79-87) = This time, it is Ding Hao’s impressions of the battle. “It is burdensome because it is my first opportunity to win the world championship, but it is not my style to compete with the mindset that I must win. I will get out of the confines of ‘I’ and take a spectator’s attitude.” If Yang Dingxin’s vote is desperate, Dinghao’s is resolute. It feels like his sensibility and rationality collide head-on.

The scene attached to △. Depending on how black responds, it becomes a completely different game of Go. It’s a scene where the surrounding stone statues are more likely to be ‘me’ rather than ‘go’, but there are dozens of roads after that. Note 1 degree is the feeling that black succeeded. Maintenance like the second degree was also influential. The 79 chosen by Yang Dingxin is a method that is hard and woven with yarn. 안전놀이터

In the end, a compromise was reached in a sequence that did not appear often until 84. It will take a little more time to determine which side is the winner of the compromise between the right and the poor. Yang Dingxin’s next landing is the twisted joint of 85 and 87. That in itself is a huge ending. The question is whether this is a player or a follower. Did Baek take one more move here, or did he withdraw his hand and go somewhere else?

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