Seo Myung-jin “Everyone said I was a mild sheep on the court, but…”

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Seo Myeong-jin is showing a completely different look.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus won 69-59 in a head-to-head match against 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Suwon KT Sonic Boom held at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium on the 18th.

It was a game in which the performance of Seo Myung-jin, who has grown even more since this season, stood out. On this day, Seo Myung-jin led the team to victory by recording 15 points, 3 assists and 3 steals, including 3 3-pointers.

Seo Myung-jin said, “It was a win that felt better than any other victory. (Lee) Woo-seok and (Jang) Jae-seok were injured, and it seems that the players became more united. Everyone played hard,” looking back at the match.

He also conveyed his feelings for veteran Kim Hyun-min.

Seo Myung-jin said, “Personally, I am grateful and sorry for Hyun-min hyung.” “When I couldn’t shoot in the first half, Hyun-min told me to raise my shooting posture, so I was able to shoot. And at the end of the third quarter, Hyun-min When Lee made a mistake, I was standing wrong and made a mistake. It would have been nice if I could have moved better in that area.”

Seo Myung-jin is showing a completely different look on the court this season. He has good performance, but he is no longer afraid of clashes with opponents or war of nerves.

On the 16th, before the gas construction, he also engaged in a war of nerves with Lee Dae-sung. However, it is said that coach Jo Dong-hyun praised Seo Myung-jin for such an appearance after the game.

Seo Myung-jin said, “I feel sorry for (Lee) Dae-sung, but I think there was a scene like that because age doesn’t exist on the court.” There were a lot of dirty plays with each other, so we did that.” Seo Myung-jin said, “In the front line, Avarientos and Wooseok had good attack power, and I was in a position to support them, but Wooseok fell out. Avarientos will also feel the burden, but I think we can grow only when we overcome that. Wooseok plays the role. I intend to be more active until then,” he said. Photo = Provided by KBL

Then, Seo Myung-jin said, “Actually, I was beaten by the coach during training. But the coach said he liked that look. The coach and the people around him told me a lot that I was like a gentle sheep on the court, and told me to be a bad person on the court. In the future, I will I plan to keep bumping into each other with a fighting spirit. However, I think we need to be careful about the same behavior as in Daegu.” 먹튀검증

When asked if he had any contact with his colleague and best friend, Lee Woo-seok, he replied, “Woo-seok didn’t contact me first. But when I called, I was glad that his voice was good. I called right after today’s game. He said it was so cool.”

Lee Woo-seok, who was diagnosed with six weeks, is unlikely to be able to play the court for the rest of the regular season.

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