Serie A, which advanced to the final 3 teams in the European competition, is it possible to achieve a treble?

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 Italian Serie A has succeeded in reaching the finals one by one in the three major European competitions (Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League). If done well, all competitions can be won by the Serie A team.

The 2022/2023 European Football Federation (UEFA) 3 competitions are all over. Inter Milan vs Manchester City in the UCL, AS Roma vs Sevilla in the Europa League, and West Ham United vs Fiorentina in the Conference League.

Most notably, there are Serie A teams, one for each competition. It is an achievement that Serie A teams, who have been pushed back by other 5 major leagues, deserve to shoulder.

But if you want to raise the level of the league further, you need the trophy. If all three teams win, history can be written by the first three teams in European competitions to sweep one league.

The road to victory is not easy. All three teams are not ahead of their opponents in the finals. Man City are showing their all-time strength and have a good chance of winning as they come up against defending champions Real Madrid.토스카지노

Sevilla has the experience of winning countless Europa League titles, and West Ham is also strong enough to compete for fourth place in the league last season.

There are many variables to overcome the power inferiority in a single match. Victory is not guaranteed even if the power is ahead. The experience of winning cannot be ignored either. Inter Milan won the title 14 years ago, and AS Roma has a winning contract manager Jose Mourinho. Fiorentina also has enough potential to win.

Compared to the EPL, it is not the same as before due to power and money battles, but attention is focusing on whether Serie A, which endures in one axis of European football, will write a new history.

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