Short track Park Ji-won, 6th World Cup 1,500m gold medal… Lee Dong-hyun silver medal

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Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall), a short track star, has once again reached the top in the 1,500m World Cup at the International Skating Union (ISU).

Park Ji-won won the men’s 1,500m final at the 6th ISU Short Track World Cup held in Dordrecht, Netherlands today (12th) with a record of 2:17:200, beating Lee Dong-hyun (Uijeongbu Guangdong High School, 2:17:310).

With this, Park Ji-won won the 1st competition and the 3rd to 6th competitions, only 5 times this season in the 1,500m World Cup.

Including three first-place finishes in the 1,000 m, he swept eight gold medals in the World Cup individual event.

Park Ji-won, who had already confirmed first place in the World Cup rankings this season in the 5th competition, accumulated a total of 968 points, further widening the gap with second place Hong Gyeong-hwan 메이저사이트.

In the final, Park Ji-won, who slowly watched the flow of the game, overtook him on the outer course with 9 laps to go and rose to 1st place, while Hong Gyeong-hwan and Lee Dong-hyun, who competed together, also took their places in the lead.

Jens van Bout of the Netherlands was at the front at one point, but Park Ji-won regained the lead with five laps to go and opened up a gap to be the first to cross the finish line.

In the women’s 1,500m final, Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall) won the bronze medal with a time of 2 minutes 29 seconds 482.

Gil-ri Kim (Seohyun High School) was in 5th place (2:29:873), and Gun-hee Kim finished the game in 7th out of 7 (2:48:018) in Final B.

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