SON colleague, full of ‘loyalty’ even in rental status… “I will be the light of the fans”

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Arnaud Danjuma showed his loyalty to Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham had a relatively quiet winter transfer window. Compared to last summer, when they brought in a total of eight players, including the full signing of Cristian Romero, it was certainly quiet.

Of course, it is not without reinforcement. The right fullback, which has been an Achilles tendon for a long time, has been strengthened. The protagonist was Sporting’s Pedro Poro. As a high-level resource, his recruitment received a lot of attention. And that’s not all. Attack reinforcement was also successful. Before captivity, Danjuma was brought from Villarreal.

Last season got a lot of attention. Until now, he was just such a player, but he was the main player who sank Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). This season, he participated in 34 games, including the cup competition, and spent the most spectacular individual career, posting 16 goals and 4 assists.

It’s been a bit quiet this season. My position in the team has declined. He only scored 6 goals in 17 matches, including the cup. However, Tottenham highly evaluated Danzuma’s ability to play a big game.

He got off to a good start. Danzuma made his debut in an FA Cup match against Preston. And in this match he scored his debut goal. As Dejan Kulusevski, who came on loan last season, played tremendously, Tottenham are expecting Danzuma to perform similarly. 메이저사이트

Danjuma also looked forward to life at Tottenham. According to British media ‘Football London’, after scoring his debut goal, he said, “Look, this is the Dutchman. The Dutch player always scores a goal in his debut game”, revealing his composure. He continued, “When he plays his first game, he always sets a goal. As a striker, the only goal is a goal. I achieved that goal and had a really perfect debut.”

He even revealed his aspirations. “I am still hungry and want more. I am full of ambition and I want to help the club achieve everything they want. I want to prove myself at this club and I want to give the fans something new.”

Danjuma’s goal was to be imprinted on fans. “To score on my debut is fantastic. I want to be a light to the fans. I want to give them something new and get a warm response. I’m going to prove myself at this club.”

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