Son Heung-min challenged for 3 consecutive goals, Tottenham took 4th place… Announcement of starting lineup against Newcastle

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Tottenham striker Son Heung-min (31) challenges his team to score 3 goals in a row in a guillotine match where his team’s 4th place fate is at stake.

Tottenham will play an away match against Newcastle in the 32nd round of the 2022-23 English Premier League (EPL) at St. James Park in Newcastle, England at 10:00 pm (Korean time) on the 23rd.

Depending on the match on this day, it is highly likely that Tottenham’s entry into the 4th place will be determined. Currently, Tottenham has 16 wins, 5 draws and 10 losses (53 points) and is in 5th place in the league. The opposing team, Newcastle, is 4th in the league (56 points). 먹튀검증The gap between the two teams is 3 points, but Newcastle have a significant advantage as they have played one game less than Tottenham.

On the other hand, if Tottenham loses this game, it will be driven to the brink. The gap between the two teams widens further, but considering that the league schedule is at the end of the season, it is virtually impossible for Tottenham to enter fourth place unless there is a major change.

Tottenham has been sluggish with 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss in the last 4 matches. Naturally, I lost the power to fight for 4th place. In addition, 6th place Aston Villa (51 points) and 7th place Liverpool (50 points) are in close pursuit. You can even miss out on tickets to the European competition. It’s time to somehow change the atmosphere.

Prior to the game, Tottenham released their starting lineup. Heung-Min Son also starts a sortie. Three-top collaboration with Harry Kane and Dejan Kulusevski. Instead, it seems that they will go out with a 4-3-3 formation instead of the 3-4-3 they have been using. Midfielders Oliver Skipp, Pierre Hoivier and Pape Sar were ordered to start. The back four is Ivan Perisic, Eric Dyer, Christian Romero, Pedro Poro and the goal is Hugo Lloris.

Tottenham are counting on Son Heung-min’s attack power. His scoring power has been on the rise lately. He scored two goals in a row against Brighton & Hove Albion in the 30th round and Bournemouth in the 31st round. In this Newcastle match, he aims for three consecutive goals in the league.

Not only Tottenham’s ranking, but also Son Heung-min personally has a reason to score a goal. Challenge the league’s double-digit scoring record for seven consecutive seasons. He has scored 8 goals and 4 assists in 29 league games this season. If you score two more goals, you can continue the record. Son Heung-min’s advantage is that once he catches fire, he drives the score. Last season, Son Heung-min also scored 23 goals in the last 8 games, scoring 10 goals, becoming the league’s top scorer.

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