Son of baseball manager implicated in abuse scandal at Seoul-area high school baseball team

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A review committee for school violence countermeasures (hereinafter referred to as the committee) was held in connection with a bullying incident in the baseball team of a Seoul-area high school that allegedly involved the son of a current baseball manager.

On June 6, the parents of the victims of the incident told this newspaper, “All of the perpetrators, including my son, participated in the committee. The parents of the victim of the incident told us on June 6, “Both the victim’s son and the perpetrating students participated in the bullying.” We told the facts as they were and worked diligently on the investigation, and we understand that the perpetrating students were represented by lawyers.

With both sides having been heard, a final conclusion is expected in about three weeks.

Meanwhile, the school’s director has already been severely disciplined with a three-month suspension at the school’s management committee meeting on June 20. The head coach was immediately suspended from his duties and was replaced by an assistant coach.토스카지노

Earlier, on June 15, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education said, “The head coach of the baseball team at the school, a public high school in the Seoul area, violated the leadership guidelines for responding to school violence and recommended that the school take disciplinary action against the head coach of the baseball team.”

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