Spanish version of ‘The Masked King’… La Liga player wears a mask and makes his 7-man league debut

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 An unknown La Liga player entered the 7-man league in disguise. 

British media The Sun reported on the 12th (Korean time) the players who appeared in the 7-man league with the title “Who is ENIGMA 69?” 

The Sun said, “Barcelona Legend Pique recently announced the formation of a 7-member Kings League in which 12 teams composed of players and Spanish influencers compete.” A player wearing a wrestling mask to hide appeared and made people scratch their heads.” 

The man in the orange uniform and orange wrestling mask appeared in the King’s League and competed wearing the mask.

He appeared on the pitch wearing the number 69 along with the name ‘Enigma’, not his real name. Enigma means enigma in Greek.  바카라

He seemed to have no intention of revealing his identity.

He did not take off his mask throughout the match, even when he was out of breath, and even wore a black long-sleeved T-shirt to hide any tattoos that could identify him on his arms or hands. 

Piquet only identified the masked man as “a player currently under contract with a La Liga club” and said, “When his club and agent objected to playing in the King’s League due to contract issues, he played wearing a mask and will never reveal his identity.” said. 

Since famous players in the past such as Juan Capdevilla and Javier Hernandez are already participating in the Kings League, fans are more interested in who the disguised player will be. 

The Sun said, “Fans do not stop speculating about the unidentified star who arrived in a car with a driver. Among them was Isco from Real Madrid and Denis Suárez, who played for Arsenal.” 

When it became a hot topic by being named in fan speculation, Suárez said in an interview with the Spanish media that “the masked man is not me.” 

According to The Sun, fans are currently sharing photos of the mask company through social media, mentioning and speculating about Rodrigo Riquelme in Girona, Nano Mesa in Elche, and Paul Lirola in Sassuolo, but they are unable to find any evidence.

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