“Swing with confidence,” says the most powerful baseball coach in the world!

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NC Dinos rookie infielder Kim Taek-woo expressed his feelings after hitting the game-winning hit in the Futures League home game against Samsung at Masan Stadium on May 25.

Kim, batting ninth, went 1-for-2 with two RBIs and two runs scored, including a double with runners on first and second in the eighth inning, trailing 3-4. NC went on to defeat Samseong 8-4.

Kim, who signed a developmental player contract with NC this year after playing for Yushin and Yonsei, is batting 3-for-3 (21-for-63) with 10 RBI, 14 runs scored and one stolen base in 27 games.

After the game, Kim said on the club’s official Future Team Instagram account, “I’m glad I was able to make the game-winning hit when the team was on a winning streak and we were losing until the end of the eighth inning. When I stepped into the batter’s box, I heard Coach Ji Seok-hoon on first base telling me to swing confidently,” he said.

“I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, but I thought to myself, ‘Let’s swing confidently,’ and it went a good course. I’m glad I was able to continue the good vibes.”

Kim said, “I think it takes a lot of physical strength, unlike when I was an amateur. I will try to play with more care. I’m grateful for the opportunity to play so many matches.”토토사이트

He also said, “In the defensive part, I’m practicing with a focus on playing a little smoother, and in the batting part, I felt that I lacked a lot of strength after playing the game. I’m trying to pay attention to weight training.”

Finally, Kim vowed, “I will do my best to show my best in the future.”

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