The butt that Hillman paid attention to… Hanwha fastball foreigner surprises everyone

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Hanwha general manager Son Hyuk pitched new foreign pitcher Birch Smith (Korean time) in the bullpen on the 6th (Korean time) at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, where the team’s spring camp was in progress. 33) rated his pitching as impressive.

Smith surprised Hanwha officials by throwing a fastball of 149-150 km per hour despite not pitching with all his might in bullpen pitching that day. He was originally known as a pitcher who threw a fast ball, so the number of 150 km was not special. However, in reality, the fastball from the high RBI looked more powerful, and the perfection of other pitches supporting the fastball was enough to make me smile.

Hanwha officials explain that his physique is very good. General manager Sohn said, “When I was coaching SK in the past, coach Trey Hillman said, ‘Look carefully at the hips of the players.’ I did. So did Smith,” he said. In fact, Smith is a player whose lower body muscles are exceptionally well developed.

It means that he has the best physical condition to use his strength. Although his risk of injury was chosen as a variable, he joined Hanwha after building up his body well in the winter. This is a bit different from his time playing in Japan. Smith was late joining the team due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), and he remembers getting injured while overworking himself with the thought that he had to show something in the beginning in a situation where he could not properly digest the team training. However, there is no such variable this year.

General manager Sohn said of Smith, “I got the impression that Smith is a pitcher who has a good fastball and basically knows how to use the type of pitch he has efficiently and throws it.” This is high. April is important, but since you have experienced Japanese professional baseball, you must be well aware of that situation.” 카지노

Hanwha has a nightmare that the team lost momentum last year as foreign pitchers were injured or sluggish from the beginning of the season, and that feeling continued throughout the season. Both Nick Kingham and Ryan Carpenter, who opened with them, were injured, and the team’s mound suffered greatly while looking for replacement foreign players for the two players. Foreign pitchers must persevere in order to get out of the bottom ranks this year.

There are positive points. Smith is a player who is evaluated by most officials as “if it were not for injuries, he would show a powerful pitch.” Another foreign pitcher, Felix Pena (33), has experience in the KBO League in the second half of last year and has shown many possibilities to succeed in the league. Director Sohn smiled heartily, saying, “Penya also came to the camp after losing a lot of weight.” Attention is focusing on whether the eagle flight will begin in the hands of the two foreign players.

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