“The desire to win is the most important” Kim Young-kwang, ahead of the 600th game, still hates conceding 

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“I hate scoring goals.”

Seongnam FC veteran goalkeeper Kim Young-gwang (40) has been playing for over 20 years. His debut was in 2002. My roommate in the Namhae field training is Park Hyun-bin, born in 2004. There is a 21 year age difference. So many years have passed. Nevertheless, Kim Young-kwang’s skills are still the same. He has played 588 games in the K-League and has gone through all the hardships, but he still hates conceding goals.

Kim Young-kwang met with reporters at the media camp held at Namhae Sports Parktel on the 2nd and said, “A goalkeeper is a job that blocks goals, but also a job that eats goals. However, he always hates scoring goals. I hate it so much. He tries hard not to concede as much as possible, but the dislike is the same. He doesn’t care if the other person eats because he’s good, but if he doesn’t, he doesn’t like it. I don’t think he’ll let go of that assignment until he takes off his goalkeeper gloves.”

Even in ‘Irregularity’, he survived his professional stage. Kim Young-kwang picked ‘the desire to win’ as the most important thing for survival. “Every player competes,” he said. He thinks he has to catch and eat his rivals. But he often just thinks. You have to invest a lot to get it. Whichever player leaves, he must be able to fill the vacancy.” 바카라

Kim Young-kwang has 12 games left until he reaches 600 appearances in the K-League. He has a good chance of building a 600-game milestone in the upcoming season. He said, “(Kim) Byeong-ji told me that I am the only person who can break his travel record (706 games). So I said, of course, that record can’t be broken in the future either. In fact, I don’t attach much importance to the record,” he said.

Meanwhile, Seongnam is running again after overcoming the pain of relegation last season. Newly appointed head coach Lee Ki-hyung is conducting rigorous training. It is a field training that is not easy even for Kim Young-kwang. He did not attend the first training due to a hamstring injury. Kim Young-kwang said, “It seems to be the most difficult training than any other year. It is training that the players have no choice but to become stronger. It may be very difficult right now, but I think I will feel my body getting better little by little. I think it will be a team full of fighting spirit. I look forward to it,” he said.

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