The extremes of Manchester’s two powerhouses… Manchester City tops Manchester United 10 years in a row

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 Manchester City (hereafter Man City) and Manchester United (hereafter Man Utd), the two giants of Manchester, are polar opposites.

British media ’90min’ compared the performance of both Manchester teams over the past 10 years on the 8th (local time).

It was disastrous for Man United. Not once 토토사이트 since the last 2012/2013 season has surpassed Manchester City’s performance. Moreover, since the retirement of former coach Alex Ferguson, who won the last championship, he has always been weak against Man City.

Man City dominated the English Premier League (EPL) while Man United faltered. They have won five championships in 10 years, and are on the verge of winning this season as well.

Manchester United have not won a title in 10 years. 2nd place did it twice, and below 4th place it was serious enough to do it 5 times. Even this season, it is impossible to guarantee a 4th place.

Manchester City has been ruled by Pep Guardiola for seven consecutive seasons, but Manchester United has changed managers six times in the decade since Ferguson’s retirement. It is noteworthy whether Eric ten Haag, who is currently in charge of Manchester United, will pass this season well and break Man City’s stronghold next season.

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